DIY Summer Sunflower Hydrangea Wreath

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This summer sunflower hydrangea wreath is bright, simplistic, and a great transition piece between summer and fall. Crafted with ready-made sunflower sprays, it couldn’t be easier to create!

yellow sunflower and hydrangea wreath hanging on a white door

Summer sunflower hydrangea wreath

This sunflower and hydrangea wreath is a seasonal beauty, made with sunshiney florals, faux lemons, and lots of textured greenery. 

The genius of this design is that its base is made from whole, summer sprays, giving you a gorgeous finished product in no time!

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • 20” oval evergreen wreath
  • 4 Sunflower hydrangea sprays
  • Silk wired ribbon
    • Lemon
    • Solid yellow
    • Burlap 
  • Faux daisies 
  • Mixed greenery
    • Lemon leaf greenery 
    • Nandina 
    • Fern
  • Lemon picks 
  • Florist wire
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

How to make a summer sunflower hydrangea wreath

1. Make your bow

First up, measure a 16” streamer of your lemon patterned ribbon, pinch, and pleat. Then, measure 12” for a 5” loop, pinch, pleat, and twist. 

Repeat for a total of 2 loops, then trim an 8” streamer. 

Repeat these steps for your burlap ribbon, then your solid yellow ribbon, working on top of this base. 

Secure the center with florist wire, dovetail the ribbon ends, and add to the top left corner of your wreath.

2. Attach sunflower sprays

We’re going to keep our sunflower sprays intact, cutting down the stems just a tad. Take your first spray, dip the end in hot glue, and add it just behind the top of your bow, with the spray moving clockwise. 

You can further secure the stems using the pine needle twist ties, wrapping them around the spray. 

Add the second spray, continuing this clockwise pattern. 

Attach your third spray underneath your bow, moving counterclockwise, then continue this line with the 4th spray. 

3. Add greenery

For extra texture, begin adding clippings of lemon leaf around the outer edge of your wreath, securing them with hot glue. Remember, what you do to one side, also do to the other!

Work along the inner edge with smaller clippings as well. 

Next, sprinkle in nandina for an airy, light touch, adding in between your established lemon leaf. 

4. Integrate summer daisies

For a bright white that draws the eye, begin filling in holes with daisies, evenly distributing throughout the design. 

5. Finish your summer sunflower hydrangea wreath

If there are any holes that could use an extra pop of yellow, include baby lemon picks, securing them with hot glue. 

Then, add clippings of lime green fern to cover any remaining evergreen and to make the design appear fuller. 

Trim ribbon tails if needed, add extra ribbon streamers if you desire, and your sunflower and hydrangea wreath is ready for you to enjoy!

Watch the video: How to make a summer sunflower hydrangea wreath

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