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Makers Mastermind
An exclusive 6-month program to turn your crafting hobby into a crafting corporation

  • In-depth Implementation Help taking your online craft business to the next level
  • Developing meaningful purpose for your business (hint: it’s not just to make money)
  • 1 Detailed Group Training each month (6 trainings)
  • 1 Group Q/A Call answering questions on training, hotseat implementation (6 calls)
  • Every 2 months a Guest Instructor (3 trainings)
  • In person Meet Up/Accountability Meeting and any hands on techniques needed (location TBD)
  • Exclusive coupons for supply shopping to various online shops
  • Speaking Role or Designer Role top consideration at future WML or Wreath Retreats
  • Vendor Booth Discount at future WML or SCW Wreath Retreats!
Makers Mastermind
  • Month 1 - Assessment

We’ll dive deep and I’ll help you evaluate your business and future goals. We’ll discuss the various ways to make money with your talents and what’s currently available within the crafting industry to help you cultivate a sustainable business. Learn to determine what income streams align with your strengths and your life’s purpose.

  • Month 2 - Putting Your Crafty Corporation in Order

Once I get to know your purpose from month one, learn how to create content that feeds into a systematic income generating plan that help fill in the gaps in a craft-business.  Learn to streamline to become more efficient, working smarter not harder.

  • Month 3 - Research Rocks

Research is my superpower!!  You can create the best products but if your market isn’t in need, you’ll make no sales.  In this month, you’ll learn how to effectively research product ideas that align with your purpose and calling so you’ll not only have quicker sales when launching but make a bigger impact in the lives of your customers.

  • Month 4 - Crafty Construction

With over 10 years of producing multiple product lines, I’ve learned how to streamline and create shortcuts saving time and headache. In this month, you’ll learn how to effectively outline your product, build it and make it look professional.

  • Month 5 - Implementation

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ve done the evaluation, learned what your audience needs from you, researched the best solutions and produced a professional product the world needs. So this month learn to launch following a specific strategy that feels comfortable and not sleazy.

  • Month 6 - When the Glitter Explodes

In this month, we’ll discuss what’s working and what’s not working and review solutions to fill in the gaps while saving money so that your efforts not only convert into sales but also make a positive impact on your audience.


Join by the end of the day August 1 and join the Siomacco’s for Appetizers and Beverages in the Siomacco Suite on Friday, August 2

Receive “Affiliates Sales Strategy - Case Study” - a step by step guide for promoting courses  which I follow when promoting other people’s courses. It’s made me enough money to buy a year’s worth of college for Miss K for two years straight!

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