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Roasted Marshmallow Shake

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This Roasted Marshmallow Shake is the best drink you’ll have ever! Packed with a ton of marshmallow flavor and really thick and creamy it’s just delicious.

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

I’m a picky eater when it comes to milkshakes. I know, I know, how can someone be picky with a thick, creamy, sweet drink, right? But for me milkshakes should not only be sweet and thick and creamy, they should also be flavorful and now that we are talking about it, only sugar is not a flavor if you know what I mean.

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

SO, I used to stick with a couple of tried and true milkshake recipes and very rarely tried a new recipe. Until this season came around the corner and we all started craving good milkshakes that could be shared and enjoyed bundled up in a cozy blanket. And my tried and true recipes stared looking boring and old, I mean there are so many times you can drink the same flavor!

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

And that’s when I started exploring and trying new flavor combos and crazy ideas, which led me to this roasted marshmallow shake that’s perfect. And when I say perfect I actually mean it. Because the great thing about this recipe is that’s packed with all the smoky, woody flavors roasted marshmallows have. SO this milkshake has deep flavors.

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

The other great thing is that’s really really really creamy, as in so creamy it’s probably the creamiest shake you’ll have. The reason why this is so creamy is because we’re using milk, heavy cream and ice cream instead of just sticking with milk and ice cream. While we use very little heavy cream it packs a punch so I definitely advise to include it in your recipe.

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

The best way to enjoy it is with all your family members and a good Christmas song singing in the background.

Roasted Marshmallow Shake

Roasted Marshmallow Shake


2 Cups vanilla ice cream

1½ Cups milk

¼ Cup heavy cream

½ Tsp vanilla extract

1 Cup marshmallows

Caramel sauce

Graham cracker crumbs

Whipped cream

Chocolate syrup


Roast the marshmallows and blend in a blender with the vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, milk, and vanilla extract until smooth. (Save some marshmallows for garnishing).

Garnish the rim of a serving glass with caramel sauce and add graham cracker crumbs onto it.

Add chocolate syrup into the serving glass until obtaining a think layer.

Pour the milkshake into the glass and garnish with whipped cream.

Top with a couple roasted marshmallows.

Serve and enjoy.





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