Summer Silk Wreaths For Front Door

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I chatted with a lady on twitter the other day. She lives in Australia and was asking if people in the states still put wreaths on their doors all year round. Well given my wreathing passion, I had to respond back to her. “Of course, we put wreaths on our door all year,” I responded. Most put wreaths on the front, back and side entryway doors. LOL Wreaths make our homes inviting for our guests.

She replied back that where she lives, they only display wreaths during Christmas time. Wow I thought; learn something new every day. I relayed my amazement to this fact and suggested that she start a new trend there in her Australian town. She replied that she should and was tempted to make a wreath for her son’s 5th birthday. I was excited that I inspired her to make a wreath and told her to send me pictures.

But this tweet from a total stranger got me to thinking. As I drive my children here and there, we see wreaths on most doors. When we drive to the coast for family vacations, there are wreaths on most doors. Wreaths here in the south are the norm. What about where you live?

If you are looking for summer silk wreath ideas, I’ve included some in this post. Some of these wreaths are for sale and some I’ve sold. But I have to wonder, what is the norm where you live–wreath or no wreath?

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