My Stitch Fix Unboxing May 2017

My Stitch Fix Unboxing May 2017 Plus Sizes

Ya’ll, this is my Stitch Fix unboxing, I know it’s not a DIY but don’t worry, next week I’ll get back to crafting and making pretty! However, when I find something amazing like Stitch Fix, which makes my busy life easier, I’m compelled to share it with you…my peeps! Let’s get right to it shall we. This post…

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Save Your Fingers from Hot Glue Burns

If you are a fellow wreather or even a serious crafter who uses a hot glue gun on a daily (or if like me, hourly) basis then you will love this product.  I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and I have to say everyday I love it more and more. It is…

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