Why Purchase Silk Flowers In This Economy?

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While new purchases in a down economy can be a daunting task, purchasing silk flower arrangements is actually a smart choice. You see unlike live flowers, silk flowers don’t die. Yes they may fade with time, but the premium silk flowers can be enjoyed for years. Here are a few tips when choosing a floral arrangement in a down economy:

  • Choose an arrangement that you love and will give you many seasons of enjoyment. Whether it be a Spring arrangement you use year after year or a multi-season arrangement that has both spring and summer flowers adorning it. This way you can leave your arrangement out longer.
  • Yes we are in a down economy but you know that old saying — you get what you pay for; but be warned that lower priced silks are limited in realism and workability. If it doesn’t look real, you may not truly be happy with the arrangement and you will be more apt to get rid of it quicker. Here’s a tip, if you can’t afford to purchase a full arrangement with premium stems, just pick 3 or 5 premium stems and fill in the rest with lower to mid priced stems.
  • To freshen up an arrangement you already have, just add a few new silk florals or sprays. This process can be to add a new color, to replace existing flowers, or to give the existing arrangement fullness and more substance.

Now that you have purchased or “freshened up” your silk flower arrangement, make sure to place it in a prominent place for you and your guest to enjoy such as the front door, an entry way, or kitchen keeping room. This will make your house warm and inviting.

Southern Charm Wreaths uses premium florals of varying price ranges. This makes my arrangements more affordable and offers my clients arrangements with varying prices. While I do design holiday and seasonal wreaths to be enjoyed year after year, I also offer wreaths containing flowers from multiple seasons that can be left out for longer periods of time. Don’t forget to check my website often for new wreaths added weekly.

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