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[WOTMC] Lemon Sunflower Moss Wreath

Supplies from Greenery Market 1 – Moss Wreath 1 – Lemon Sunflower Pick 1 – Lemon Sunflower Spray 1 – Greenery Bush  1 – Twigs 1 – Lemon Pattern Ribbon (either 2.5” striped edge or 1.5” gingham edge) Click here to purchase while supplies last. Supplies are limited. Limit 1 per customer. Etsy Keyword ideas:…

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[WOTMC] Juicy Peach Summer Teardrop Swag

Supplies from Greenery Market Greenery Market Peach Spray Greenery Market Peach Pick 2.5” Peach Ribbon (substitute bundle has 2.5″ peach stripe ribbon) 1.5” Green & White Ribbon White Filler Bush Rosemary Bush Boxwood Bush (substitute bundle has sub boxwood) Greenery Market 8” Peaches Sign Greenery Market Coral Babies Breath 24″ Teardrop Swag

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