5 Tips for Improving Your Established Pinterest Account

Pinterest continues to be a driving force for handmade business owners and below are 5 tips to remember with an established account.

1. Know how to write save worthy pins

Pin quality is an imperative. If you’re just putting random copy (text) on Pinterest Pins that’s not good enough; your pins should also include a great visual picture of your product or blog post.On most social media platforms buyers and sellers upload images onto their platforms, but on Pinterest people are pinning from other sources on the web. As a result, the domain quality of the site you’re pinning goes a long way toward determining the success of your pin.

2. Invest effort in making your account relevant

As with anything in marketing, Pinterest represents an investment in your business. In other words, a single post doesn’t cut it. You need to invest effort in developing a series of great posts if you want your account to be relevant. In order to boost your Pinterest account, it’s essential to consistency create quality pins and pinning several times a day. 
I use Tailwind app to help my team with managing my Pinterest account. It helps with scheduling as well as checking the health of my account and pins on Pinterest. 

3. Keywords are what really matter on Pinterest

Most social platforms embrace hashtags, but this is not the case with Pinterest. Keywords are far more important than hashtags on Pinterest, so you should be sure to include keywords in your boards and pins  Just like listing on Etsy, you should consider how someone might search for your product or post. Use those searchable keywords within the image caption, title and boards when you load it on your site or upload to Pinterest.

4. It’s important to understand your audience

One thing to know about Pinterest users is that most of them are only on the site when looking for something specific. Pinterest is a far cry from Instagram, which some people are on all day long. Pinterest users are more likely to check their feeds several times a week than several times a day.

It’s also worth noting that when people make a purchase through Pinterest, it’s generally a drawn-out process. The user will start pinning things well before they’re actually ready to purchase, then mull things over for a while. The actual purchase may not occur until several months later. Thus the real advantage to being on Pinterest it getting in front of users while they are in the research phase.

5. Pinterest leads to more sales than other social networks

If you want to drive traffic to your site or get a ton of interaction, Twitter and Facebook are your best bets. However, when it comes to getting in front of potential buyers so you can inform their decision, Pinterest is second to none. Pinterest actually has a higher average purchase per user than any other social media network.

So while Pinterest may be a little more challenging to use than other social media sites, establishing a strong presence on there can benefit any business with a physical product to sell.

Succeeding on Pinterest is very similar to ranking on Google, as both are driven by the way users search. If you have no idea how to use keywords, watch this training ….


  1. Lori George on November 11, 2021 at 9:48 pm

    I have been creating pins on pinterest but some of them say sold out. I have no idea why.

    Would you please be able to help me? The last time I contacted Pinterest for help they took 3 weeks to get back to me.

    FYI…I also sent this message on another one of your pages, but it didn’t appear to go through. Thanks again.

    • Julie Siomacco on November 15, 2021 at 1:56 pm

      We were discussing this in the Facebook group. It looks like there is a glitch somewhere. You can also post a question on the Etsy community to see if they’ve found solutions.

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