Craft Shows – Behind the Scenes

Putting it All Together

Marketing Strategy

  • Pre-show
    • Take advantage of social media
    • Send out an email campaign
    • Offer pre-show ordering with pickup at the show
    • Discount codes- useful when market doesn’t support your prices (instead of changing prices)
  • During show
    • Social media lives, reels, stories!
    • Business cards
    • Collect emails
    • QR codes
  • After show
    • Social media lives, reels, stories – notice a theme here?
    • Email new customers on sign up list
    • Email current customers thanking them for continued support

Branding Strategy

  • Branding with booth props
    • Should match your business branding
    • Should not outshine your product
    • Take advantage of all booth space
    • Inviting and not intimidating
    • Portable and light weight
  • Signs
    • Should match your business branding
    • Should be visible- think eye level or above
    • Should be clear
  • Show attire
    • Distinguish you and your staff from the public
    • Professional appearance and hygiene
    • Dress in layers and for comfort

Customer Engagement

  • Create an experience by focusing on building relationships
    • Greet everyone but don’t hover
    • Use a soft sell approach
  • Be positive – in words and body language
  • Avoid distractions – no cell phone conversations, reading, gaming, etc
  • Difficult customers – use humor, firm/fair/consistent, trust your gut
  • Busy Show
    • Stress- overwhelm
    • Missed sales due to traffic
    • Shoplifters
      • Readjust mindset/goals – breathe and survive
      • Hire an assistant – train and set expectations early
      • Prep check out area ahead of time
      • Have back ups for critical items – payments, change, batteries
      • Place smaller items to “upsell” at check out
      • Offer something to do while waiting- email opt ins, look books, etc
  • Slow Show
    • Low energy level
    • Discouragement
      • Make friends – visit/network with other vendors, support other vendors by shopping/trading
      • Readjust mindset/goals
      • Post on social media
      • Make product
      • Arrange booth display

Processing Logistics

  • Methods to take payment
    • Credit Card readers (Square, Paypal, etc)
    • Payment Apps (Venmo, Cash App)
    • Cash
    • Checks
  • Internet access – mobile hot spot, cell phone service/hot spot, vendor provided wifi
  • Show insurance – ACT, State Farm, Homeowner’s policy/rider
  • Taxes – usually provided in vendor packet
  • Manage sales/inventory on Etsy – sync Square with Etsy, manual Etsy adjustments

Post Show Analytics

Reviewing your statistics can help you determine if your show was successful and provide valuable insight on what you may need for your next show. You can also use this information to decide if this is a show to return to in the future.

  • Total sales by day, category, style, item
  • Overall show attendance vs projected attendance and conversion to sales
  • Booth location/set up
  • Inventory – sold out, didn’t sell, best seller
  • Profit – sales less expenses
  • Organization of show, handling of issues
  • Assistant’s performance
  • What worked well/not so well

Mindset for Success

  • Focus on building relationships instead of sales
    • Be true to your authentic self
    • Connect with customers to turn a one-time sale into a life-long customer
  • Look and feel great
    • Eat and hydrate!
    • Dress for functionality
  • Control what you can
    • Plan, Prep, Perform
    • Some things out of your control – weather, booth placement, inventory issues
  • Learn something from each show
  • It is ok to change your mind

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