Hashtag Research

Hashtags are a way for the social media platform to organize and categorize our posts as well as have a way for viewers to follow hashtags as well as search hashtags and find us.

Hashtags can help you get found, they can’t hurt you if you do it wrong. Hashtags are not reliable and will always be hit or miss even with the best tips and strategies. And hashtags are not the only thing you should focus on in regards to your social media channels. You still need to produce consistent, quality content that’s relevant to serving and solving problems for your ideal customer. Hashtags will give you a boost, once you’re showing up consistently.

Hashtags can be keywords but not all the time. Here are some tips for using hashtags on the various social media platforms.

  1. Use relevant, targeted hashtags relevant to your niche and describe the post.  
  2. Use hashtags that are researched and not made up
  3. Use hashtags that are not too competitive (50-300K range)
  4. Place the hashtags immediately before posting.

The Different Types of Instagram Hashtags
Understanding the different types of hashtags and their corresponding audiences:

#1: Community Hashtags
Community hashtags are hashtags that connect like-minded users around a specific subject. They’re a great way to connect with others, improve the searchability of your posts, gain followers, and grow your own community.

Here are different types of community hashtags you can use for your business:

  • Hashtags indicating your product or service, like #wreath or #doorwreath
  • Hashtags indicating your niche in your industry, like #wreathmaker or #etsyshopowner
  • Hashtags for Instagram communities in your industry, like #wreathsofinstagram or #wreathmakersoftiktok
  • Hashtags for special events or seasons, like #fallwreath or #nationalflowerday
  • Hashtags using locations, like #floristnyc, #madeintoronto, or #atlantawreaths
  • Hashtags with phrases relevant to what you do, like #becreative or #wreathlove
  • Hashtags with acronyms, like #bhg (Better Homes & Garden)

Use a variety of hashtags on your posts so that you reach different communities.

#2: Branded Hashtags
A branded hashtag is a hashtag that’s unique to your company when using social media for a handmade business.

It can be as simple as your company name, tagline, or the name of one of your products or campaigns (#southerncharmwreaths). Or it can be a hashtag that has nothing to do with your brand name but everything to do with your brand identity! (#southernwreaths)

While community hashtags are meant to increase the reach of your message, branded hashtags are designed to connect themes for your business.

The most important factor when using branded hashtags it getting your followers and customers to use your hashtag in their posts to help get discovered on social media by new audiences.

Once you create your hashtag, remind customers they can use your business’ hashtag by sharing it on their posts. This way, your followers can tap the hashtag and see other posts about your business.

It’s also a good idea to follow your branded hashtag to keep track of new content that’s being shared!

#3: Campaign Hashtags
While branded and community hashtags are meant to last, campaign hashtags are usually shorter-term and run for just a few days, a season, or a year.

The reason campaign hashtags are shorter-term is because they’re usually tied to specific campaigns, like new product launches, special events, or partnerships. So they’re great for building a lot of engagement in a short period of time!

For example, we recently used the hashtag #wml2021 to promote Wreath Makers Live or you can use #12daysofChristmas or #blackfridaysale as a short lived hashtag.

How to find the best hashtags for your handmade business
First, you need to be strategic if you want to use hashtags to grow your following. Research them, not make them up and using the trending or most popular hashtag rarely works in getting new followers.

So how do you find creative, community hashtags? By finding ones that the social media platforms recommend for our audiences, looking at your competitors and watching industry leaders.

How to organize your hashtags?
You can use a spreadsheet like this one we’ve created for you (make a copy of it) or you can find good hashtags and store them in the notes section of your phone for quick copy and paste.

It’s not recommended to use the same hashtags over and over so you’ll want a good variety and don’t stop searching for new ones.

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