How to Create a Facebook Group

First, let’s discuss why I’m creating a free Facebook group after being on Facebook for almost 10 years!

Facebook is changing and we all know it’s changing. It’s going to be changing in big ways and the algorithm is showing us it’s already started. Facebook will show you and prompt you with messages, to show you where they will be favoring and focusing the content for you and it’s been showing us more group activity than page activity in the last month. Example, I’ve been seeing this graphic for several weeks now in my newsfeed.

Example, when opening my Facebook mobile app, this is the order I see posts in my newsfeed:
see first page 1, sponsored post, see first page 2, see first page 3, see first page 2, my own biz page post, group 1 post, group 2 post, people you may know suggestions, group 3 post, friend 1 post, group 2 post 2, sponsored post, liked page post, group 4 post, facebook news, group 5 post, group 4 post 2, friend 2 post, like page post, see first page 4, liked page post, group 4 post 3, group 6 post, group 7 post, etc.

So the majority of what it shows me is 10 group post, 3 liked page posts (not counting ones I’ve marked see first), and 2 sponsored post.

Now, I realize I probably do more group posts and commenting than most so your newsfeed might look differently but pay attention and see if FB starts to show you more group posts than what you typically see.

Additionally, you can’t just create a group and expect it to be seen or get members.  You’ll need to create a group, funnel your Facebook Page followers to it and make sure they comment and engage within that group before it’s shown to them in their feed.

To do this, offer something for free to get members to join (for me its a free video). This will funnel your followers into the group. If you don’t have a video, offer to do a Facebook Live. Or maybe it’s a discount code or free shipping for the weekend. Make sure to email your email list about your new group.

Once you have members join, have them comment and introduce themselves to the group (engagement), then direct them to another post in the group and have them comment on that post as well (maybe upload a photo – more engagement). Doing this tells Facebook, this person must like this group because they’ve made comments and therefor will show them more in their newsfeed.

So in essence, a group needs to be managed like a page, posting a couple of engaging posts per day, mixing in sales pitches.

I plan to post two times on my page and two times in my group per day to see how it goes to start.

Ways to use your group is to post special offers and discounts inside the group, give group members first dibs on new products, create a poll to see what they would like to see more of, find out their pain points, learn how you can help and offer them. Be creative, and have fun getting to know your potential customers with your group.


Learn how I created the Facebook group cover image using the templates here:

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