How to Prepare for a New Year

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If you’re new to Success Circle this month welcome!! We have a success path to follow and this quarter, my team and I will be restructuring the look of this path but for now, you can find a lot of information and a place to start if you’re not sure what to focus on.

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Once Christmas decor comes down, I want to organize, clean and destash! How about you? I want to organize my pantry, my shoes, and purge old clothes, etc. It’s a new year, time to start fresh!

The same is true for your handmade business. January is a time for preparing for the year by planning out your goals, focusing on a purpose, organizing, renewing your business license, etc. Things you should/could be doing this month…

Determine a Main Focus for the Year

  • self-care, customer service, restructuring, product development, etc.
  • I choose one or two so I don’t overwhelm myself. For every decision, I ask myself does this help or hurt my main focus for this year?

Set Up My File System

    • Each January, I set up files to keep track of the paperwork. I make files for each expense broken out by category. I make files for paying quarterly taxes, and payroll taxes, employee and virtual assistants.

Set a Budget for the Year

    • don’t get me wrong, I love ribbon but I don’t need every color and the newest print. So in January, I review my income and expenses from last year and try to set a budget for the new year.

Take Note of your Social Proof

    • Take the time now to write down the number of followers you have on the various social media platforms, then you have something to look back on at the end of the year and see growth!

Remember who your Ideal Customer is!

    • When planning out your year, make sure to put yourself in your customers shoes. Who are they, where do they shop, what’s their day look like, when do they buy, what problems do they have, etc.

Links to training in the portal to help you with the above topics:

2021 Design Planner for Handmade Business

1000+ SEO Keywords for Wreath Makers

Common tax expenses for a handmade business.

  • Keep the receipts for these expenses.

Finances and bookkeeping

  • I love this training! You don’t need expensive software when starting out.

Who is your ideal customer??

Conversation starters to use on social:

“Anyone organizing this month? What’s the one place or area of your home you want to organize this month?”

“I can’t get into the diet mode yet when it’s still so cold. Anyone have a good soup or chili recipe?”

“It’s the end of January, by a show of hands who, besides me, has already blown their resolution?”

Go live showing ONE step in the process of something you do in your business.

“Fill in the blank: This weekend I’m soooo ____________!”


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