Instagram Best Practices from Facebook

How Can I Grow My Community

  • utilize the feeds: Feed, Stories, Live, Video, Reels
  • post consistently across all feeds
  • post across all feeds weekly


  • Post 8-10 a day, throughout the day, not all at once
  • repost, share tagged posts, behind the scenes, slice of life content
  • use the question sticker, use poll and quiz stickers, music and lyrics sticker, countdown sticker, stories about you
  • interactivity is key
  • Give a behind the scenes look at your life / work
  • up to 15 seconds for 1 section but can auto link sections together for a longer video
  • in the moment updates


  • should be your highlights
  • go vertical (4:5) with photos, don’t always use a square, use the extender
  • post a mix of videos and photos
  • one post a day or every other day, don’t spam your followers
  • always use hashtags and geotags
  • be specific with your hashtags
  • use carousels for more engagement in one post (tell a story with your photos)
  • stay active in the comments to stay engaged with your community to develop relationships


  • up to 4hours
  • direct conversations with your audience
  • invite your friends to join
  • real-time connection
  • go live once a week for at least an hour
  • give followers advanced notice using feed and stories
  • use question box in stories about 12 hours before live to have followers ask you questions for live if you need live ideas
  • make sure you have a strong connection for a high-quality stream
  • give your live a title
  • share to Feed
  • Use Badges in Live

Video (formally IGTV)

  • up to 1 hour
  • storytelling
  • engage the viewer in the first three seconds
  • post Video once a week
  • publish original content
  • use sound, editing, and graphics to make your Video stand out


  • use the Reels camera to edit clips (select audio, speed controls, set effects, set timer for transitions, align tool, multi-clip shutter
  • Audio browser (trending songs, saved audio, audio for you)
    • be sure to attribute the artist
    • view all videos using a sound
    • only time it should say original audio is if the only sound is your voice or original sound creation
  • Reels Tab to discover great reels, discover what’s trending, etc…
  • Always share your Reels to Feed for greater distribution and maximum exposure
  • Share Reels to your Stories for maximum exposure
  • Reels Creative Tools
    • Align Tool
    • Green Screen
    • AR Effects
    • timed text
  • Uniquely You: what makes your brand unique
  • make it relatable: anyone, anywhere can connect to your content
  • easy to recreate: start a trend
  • keep it simple
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Reels
    • Inspire creation, giving a sense that anyone can join in and create
    • Share original & authentic content
    • Use the Reels music library & audio tools
    • Stay relevant with cultural moments, trending topics
    • Have a WOW or LOL factor
    • Pull the viewer in quickly, the more intriguing the better
    • Have a fun surprise or twist
    • Don’t post overly promotional or commercial content
    • Don’t share clips or content that isn’t original (e.g. clips from tv or film)
    • Don’t add music that is not in the instagram library unless you have obtained the appropriate license
    • Don’t use “dated” references
    • Don’t lack a storyline
    • Don’t create content that is sexually suggestive, features alcohol, weapons, drugs, profanity, etc..
    • Don’t use TikTok logo
  • use hashtags relevant to the video theme, don’t use #featureme or #explorepage to get featured

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