Mailchimp Ways to Promote Email Opt in

Email Existing List

I know you’re probably thinking… but Julie I’m trying to get emails. Yes, you are and you should have more than one email optin for your business. But when you create a new one and you think your existing list will enjoy it, make sure to email it to them or you could have some on your list offended you didn’t send it to them first.

Tips for Promoting Email Optin

Social Media

Social Media should be where you focus most of your efforts in sharing your email optin.
Your goal is to turn all those followers into people on your list you can stay in touch with for years to come.


    • Post two times per week about your email optin using various ways, various copy, photos, videos, boomerang, etc.
    • Post in your groups too if you have them


    • Post in your newsfeed 2 – 3 times per month
    • Post in your stories occasionally 2 – 3 times per month
    • Post your video preview on IGTV
    • Use boomerangs, videos, photos, etc.


    • Make several different looking pinterest pins and post frequently mixing these pins with your other pins
    • Use photos and videos
    • Boards


    • Mention your email optin to viewers during the video
    • Create a Story promoting it, just like you would Instagram
    • Create a video card
    • Post about it in the description of the video
    • Post in your Youtube community with a photo and link to join your list.


Etsy says they don’t want you to contact your customers off of their platform, which in my opinion if you’re discussing a current order you have with a customer or if a buyer found you on Etsy and you open up a dialogue about a purchase from your Etsy shop, you need to stay on Etsy.

However, there is nothing against their regulations about you asking your Etsy customers to join a mailing list. These are the ways you can ask Etsy customers to join your email opt in:

  • Post the url link and description in your Shop’s announcement. This url link will not be a hyperlink, meaning people can’t click on it for it to open, they will need to copy and paste it into a browser. And so you should tell them this.
  • Message to buyers. There is a way to add a message to a buyer and Etsy will automatically send this message as soon as someone buys. You set it up once and forget about it. This is where you should ask them to join your mailing list. Remember your opt in offer is what will entice them to join so make sure you have it set up before sharing.
  • Send a message as soon as you see your items have been delivered, telling them you can’t wait to hear about how much they love the item and don’t forget to join your mailing list to receive your free offer.
  • In each product listing – you can post about your email opt in with a link (still not clickable) on how they can copy and paste it to join.
  • In the shop cover image. You can use text overlay to promote your email optin url.

Craft Shows

If you do ANY craft show, you need to get people to join your mailing list! This will be how you stay in touch with them after the show is over. This is especially helpful if the craft show gets canceled for any reason, you can email them and let them know other ways to shop your products.

  • Use QR codes for attendees to scan and quickly join.
  • Have them complete a form and drop in a fish bowl, for a drawing at the end of the show.

In conclusion you must promote it often and frequently to have the most impact!

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