Shipping Tips with Michelle Ronacher

Guest Trainer Michelle Ronacher
Owner of Shelly’s Antiques & Wreaths
Michelle is an expert in shipping having owned an Ebay shop for years where she shipped antiques and used toys.

Her top tips for shipping:

  1. Pack your box like it’s going through a war. Ensure its all tied down since carriers throw our packages around.
  2. Use the smallest box possible.
  3. Include an instruction sheet for getting items out of the box as well as care instructions.
  4. There are more box manufacturers in the country than you think. Look for one in your area.
  5. Consider purchasing boxes from manufacturers that have overruns which then sell for pennies.
  6. Get free boxes from USPS. Priority boxes ship for $8
  7. Use a scan sheet when shipping via Etsy. Make sure postal carrier picking up boxes scans this sheet from Etsy.

To ship one bow, she uses a 12x9x6 box (I found one on USPS website measuring 11 1/4″ x 8 3/4 x 6″ that would work). Secure the bow to the box like you would a wreath with pipe cleaner coming up from inside the box and securing inside around the top of the bow.

To ship more than one bow, she uses a 12″x12″x6″ box. Secure the bows to the four sides of the box, placing one in the middle and on each sides. Same thing for tree topper bows.

Tree toppers with a stem use 2 boxes taped together.

For arrangements, run long double upped pipe cleaners over the top of the container of the arrangements and tie together on the outside sides of the box and tape down. When you look into the box, pipe cleaners form an X

Watch the full Interview with Michelle below:

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  1. BethnCompany on March 3, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    I use the no.7 box too. I secure my bows to the inside of the box my taping the binding wire from the back of the bow to the box. When I ship 2-4 bows I tape them to the sides of the box and curl my tails into a roll, tucking it under the bow. I have a lot of positive reviews on my Etsy shop on how well the bows arrive to the customer.

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