YouTube 1 Channel Creation

Create & Name Your Channel

1. Create a Google account
Create a Google Account at or use an existing Google account.
2. Log in to using your Google account login and password
3. Give your channel a name.
If you have a very specific niche for your brand/business, your channel name should reflect that. However, if you plan to grow your brand and business and you’ll be talking about a variety of subjects, branding yourself with your own name as your channel name could be better. If you use your name, then you have flexibility to change the content of the channel as you wish. If you name your channel, you better only talk about wreaths! Your channel name should align with your content, and if you’re not sure about that kind of content you’re going to talk about, keep it flexible by putting the channel under your name.
4. Verify Your Channel Partner Program
As of right now, in order to monetize your channel and join the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must have 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers. However, it’s best to not rely on the monetizing via the partner program, instead use YouTube traffic to drive people to your website, products and opt ins.

Follow instructions here to get verified

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio
  • In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features
  • Under “Monetization,” click Enable
  • Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms
  • You can check your monetization status at Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization

Or click this link for instructions from YouTube :

5. Create a Vanity URL:
After you have 100 subscribers you can make a custom URL by following these instructions:

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Go to your advanced account settings by clicking your icon in the top right > Settings or . Then click Advanced under your account name
  • Under “Channel settings,” select the link next to You’re eligible for a custom URL. You’ll only see this link if your channel is eligible
  • In the “Get a custom URL” box, you’ll see the custom URL(s) you’ve been approved for. You can’t change the part in the gray box, but you may need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique to you
  • Carefully read and understand the “Custom URL Terms of Use” and select the box to agree to them, then click Change URL
  • Once a custom URL has been approved, you can’t request to change it, so make sure this is the custom URL you want before clicking Confirm choice

For further instructions for Vanity URLs click here

Can I change my channel name?
Yes, but read this to fully understand how and when you are allowed to change it.

I have an old channel with a few family videos on it, but it doesn’t align with the branding I want moving forward should I keep it?
It’s up to you but I feel the subscribers should come from the topic of your brand. So if you plan to brand yourself, leave them up but if you plan to brand a business, you might want to start fresh with a new channel. A lot of people use two channels, one for personal use and one for professional use.

Can I Transfer Old Videos to a New Channel?
The only way to transfer videos from an old channel to a new channel is to download the videos off of YouTube and re-upload them to your new channel. However, when you do this, you lose all of the views you had on the original video and you’re starting from scratch.

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