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Mind Mining for Email Topics or Content

Here’s a great exercise for creating ideas for content or email topics. The more you know your customers and what they need from you, the easier this will be. Learn how to discover your avatar (ideal customer) here. There are various ways I’ve seen this done, but generally, you take one idea that you have…

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70+ Rapid-Fire Email Topic Ideas

One of the most common problems after starting an email list is trying to figure out what to write about. Below are quick topics I’ve created or ideas I’ve found to get you started. Make sure to use them for your niche, I gave a lot of wreath maker or teacher topics. It’s important that…

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Common Tax Expenses for Home Based Business

The following are common tax deductions for your business. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping good records of your biz income and expenses! I suggest everyone have a separate checking account for their business to help with tracking. Even if it’s not a biz checking due to high fees, just a separate personal checking account in your…

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