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Understanding Various Wreath Styles

I see this confusion all the time! Wreath makers on Etsy using the wrong keywords to describe their products! Not everything is farmhouse!! If you use a keyword in your Etsy title and it’s not relevant to your product, it’s doing a disservice to your listing. Why? Etsy may show your item to a shopper…

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2021 Fall & Holiday Trends

Here are the upcoming 2021 Fall and Holiday trends from Dallas Market: Colors Corel is upcoming color for fall for brides Blue is hot Teal Emerald green Blush Plum Royals (rich emerald, ruby red, purple) Yellow gold Themes Candy Flocking on items Large poinsettias Large Magnolias Metallics in every color! Cardinals Animal prints to the…

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When Products Start to Trend

You can use Google trends to determine when people have searched for a specific topic in Google Search, historically. You can use this information to determine when you should have your content or products ready in the marketplace to capitalize on the increased search volume. Below are some examples I’ve used to search for in…

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