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Ways to Grow a New Facebook Group

When I launched my new free Facebook Group, I did a couple of things to get the word out and grow members over 1000 in one day. I created a free tutorial or video to entice people to join the group. I was able to use one of my hundreds of videos created in my…

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How to Create a Facebook Group

First, let’s discuss why I’m creating a free Facebook group after being on Facebook for almost 10 years! Facebook is changing and we all know it’s changing. It’s going to be changing in big ways and the algorithm is showing us it’s already started. Facebook will show you and prompt you with messages, to show…

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How to Facebook Group Cover Image

Below are a few basic templates for creating a Facebook ‘Group’ Cover image. Please follow the instructions below closely and watch the video.  Make sure to use Google Chrome when working in I’ve got more canva training here in the portal. Step 1: Login to your account in a separate window/tab. Step 2: Click >>THIS…

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