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How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Live – 5 Day Challenge

Facebook Live 5-Day Challenge If you are not doing Facebook lives to grow your small business, ask yourself why? I want you to comment below and tell me your excuse so that I can help you through whatever your struggle is. Equipment? Looks? Afraid of being judged? Your looks? Your skill level? There really is…

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20 Facebook Live Ideas for Sellers not Teachers

Why do Facebook lives anyway? It’s a great way for people to put a face behind the business.  A great way for people to know, like and trust you. A great way to tell your story (we all have one) on why you have a business in the first place. It also is a free…

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Facebook Lives

VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 VIDEO 4 VIDEO 5 Equipment These are recommendations for equipment mentioned in this month’s training. IPhone 7 – While any smart phone will work, the iPhone 7 by far has the best camera. If you don’t have an iPhone 7, don’t worry, you can still do FB lives and…

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