Buffalo Plaid Valentine’s Day Wreath with Coach Laurie Anne

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Are you ready for the season of love? Show your passion with this beautiful buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath. It’s filled with classic V-day colors and adorable heart decals that would put anyone in the love-y spirit.

red and black buffalo plaid valentine's themed wreath on white door

Buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath

I’ll say it… I love Valentine’s Day! Chocolate, flowers, and all things pink and red – what’s not to love? 

Today, I’m celebrating this beloved holiday with a buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath from Coach Laurie Anne. It’s a fun design that is easy to make and perfect for beginner wreath makers.

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • 15” Red work wreath form 
  • 12” Valentine’s Day sign
  • 10” Burlap deco mesh
  • Silk ribbon
    • 2.5” Heart pattern
    • 1.5” White with red dots
    • 2.5” White and red check
    • 1.5” Red buffalo plaid
  • Textured mixed faux greenery
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Zip ties
  • Beadsmith metal hole punch
  • Florist wire

How to make a buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath

1. Add deco mesh

First up, pull out all of your red pine ties from their base. 

Then, start adding deco mesh around the top ring of your base. Turn the mesh over twice, gather at the center, and twist between your first pine ties. 

Zip-tie the ends for a finished backing. 

Next, measure a 10” loop of deco mesh and secure it in the next twist tie. Continue around the top layer, then pull tightly down to the lower layer and twist in the pine.  

Repeat these steps around the bottom wire layer, then around a second time for a fuller look. 

2. Add ribbons

Prep this step by cutting and dovetailing 12” pieces of all four ribbon patterns. 

Beginning on the top ring, later a polka dot ribbon on top of the heart-patterned ribbon and pinch at the corner, twisting them into a red pine tie. 

Open the ribbons so they look like a crisscross. 

Work around the wreath, securing on every other tie. Then, fill in these gaps with the buffalo plaid ribbon layered on the red and white checked ribbon. 

Once complete, repeat this process on the bottom ring. 

3. Attach Valentine’s Day sign

Use a Beadsmith hole punch to punch one hole on either side of your sign. 

Feed some florist wire through the holes, then secure both spots to the wreath. 

4. Add faux greenery

To add more texture to this design, start trimming bits of mixed greenery. Touch every piece to give it some life, then place greenery evenly around your wreath with hot glue. 

5. Finishing your buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath

A final buffalo plaid bow adds even more character to this design. 

Measure a 14” tail of buffalo plaid ribbon, pinch, and pleat. Then measure 12” for a 6” loop, pinch, pleat, and twist. Repeat for a total of 4 loops. 

Then measure 10” for a 5” loop, repeating for a total of 4 loops, and trim the streamer.  

Secure the center with florist wire and attach the bow to the bottom right corner of the sign.

Trim ribbon tails, fill in any holes with greenery clippings, fluff your wreath, and it’s ready to admire!

Watch the video: How to make a buffalo plaid Valentine’s Day wreath

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red and black buffalo plaid valentine's themed wreath on white door

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