DIY Buffalo Plaid Deco Mesh Wreath

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For a design that will look perfectly seasonal, all winter long, try this buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath; it will add just the right touch of warmth and welcome to any front door. 

buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath with let it snow sign in center

Buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath

Is your door feeling a little bit underdressed now that the Christmas season has ended? 

Well, not anymore! This buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath is perfect for the winter season with warm plaid details, frosted berries, and icy greens. 

The design is cheerful, welcoming, and wintery, without being Christmas-themed. 

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

How to make a buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath: Step-by-step tutorial 

1. Prep your base

Begin by preparing your base wreath; fluff it up so it’s full and ready for decorating.

Then, add your decorative winter sign to the center of the wreath using wire anchors. 

2. Add your mesh

Next, cut your 10” plaid mesh into 10” strips. You can use a rotary cutter or scissors. You will need approximately 20-30 strips altogether.

Prep your mesh piece by rolling the edges inwards, scrunching it together in the middle, and securing it to your wreath using needle ties. 

Space your mesh pieces out evenly in two rings; one at the outer edge of your wreath, and one closer to the middle of your wreath. 

Keep going until you’ve made it all the way around, using 10-15 pieces in each ring. 

3. Include ribbons

Time for ribbon!

Cut 20 streamers of your snowflake ribbon at 12 inches long and 20 streamers of your plaid ribbon at 10 inches long. 

Layer a streamer of plaid ribbon on top of the snowflake ribbon, pinching in the middle and securing to your wreath with a tie. 

Separate your ribbons, fanning them out like an “x.” Continue adding them evenly throughout your wreath. 

4. Layer your greens

Next, layer your greens for added texture and depth. Attach them using hot glue, ensuring you’re attaching them to the wreath base. 

Add flocked greenery around the outer edge and middle ring, use frosted greenery around the perimeter and add snow-covered berries throughout for some pops of color. 

5. Finishing touches

Time to put the finishing touches on your winter wreath!

You can fill in any excess space with some clipped pieces of eucalyptus; this adds a final bit of texture to the wreath and covers up any bit of base that you don’t want to be seen. 

Fluff your wreath, clip any loose edges, and you’re done!

Watch the video: How to make a buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath

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  1. Carrie Evans on January 13, 2023 at 1:07 pm

    Thank You Julie for Another beautiful wreath recipe! You are a Very talented lady, that poses many Gorgeous Talents! Thank you for Always Sharing! Much Love fro.lm Alabama!

  2. Judy Paolucci on January 13, 2023 at 3:14 pm

    Just beautiful! Love how combine greenery with the deco mesh and ribbon with evergreen wreath. Definitely need a winter wreath. Thank you for this tutorial.

  3. Carrie Evans on January 13, 2023 at 4:39 pm

    Thank You Julie for Another beautiful wreath recipe! You are a Very talented lady, that poses many Gorgeous Talents! Thank you for Always Sharing!
    Much Love from Alabama!

  4. JoJo Monty on January 16, 2023 at 10:44 am

    It is beautiful…. would love to make one!

  5. Kathy Bynum on January 17, 2023 at 11:33 am

    Watched on replay. love this wreath!

  6. Sherry Phillips on September 24, 2023 at 7:29 pm

    It looks beautiful. I love how you use the greenery.

  7. Zandra Yvonne Potter Slone on October 31, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    Thank you for sharing this video. So pretty and very helpful for greenery and berry placement.
    I am from Madison, Alabama. I currently work as a nurse but looking forward to retirement and wreath creation. My husband wants to go to craft shows with me after I retire. So, I am here to learn all I can!
    Thank you!

  8. Dianna Akers on November 2, 2023 at 10:17 pm


    You are amazing! Your talent is exceptional! I am going in to my first Christmas making deco mesh/ribbon wreaths for my personal home. I came across one Christmas wreath you had designed and it fits perfectly with my decor. It is the gold and silver with a white reindeer in the middle. Would you direct me on what you used please? If you have any of the supplies in your shop, I would like to purchase those.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my request.

    • Taylor Tompkins on November 3, 2023 at 9:24 am

      Hey Dianna – Julie does not sell any supplies but we do have an eBook of all of Julie’s favorite vendors. If you are interested in learning more, here is the link:

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