DIY Sunflower Hello Fall Grapevine Wreath

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Everyone’s favorite season of the year is almost here! What a great way to welcome in Fall with this
gorgeous Sunflower fall grapevine wreath and super cute “Hello Fall” sign. It has all things Fall and is going to be stunning on anyone’s front door!

hello fall grapevine wreath with sign on white door.

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DIY Sunflower Hello Fall Grapevine Wreath

The beginning of Fall starts the wonderful time of year we all love as we usher in the Holidays. There’s
no better way to say “Hello Fall” than with an adorable sign on a gorgeous grapevine wreath. Most of the supplies you need to put together this DIY design are all available at Greenery Market. The various greeneries are perfect for the season with rustic browns and burnt orange berries and leaves. Touches of traditional greenery help anchor the color palate and let the Fall hues shine! I love using multiple types of greenery to help create texture and contrast in my design to resemble a beautiful flower arrangement.

Within the foundation of various greenery, we have bright and cheery pops of yellows with big
Sunflower stems that steal the show. Their shade of yellow is the perfect compliment to the rest of the
Fall colors are mimicked throughout the rest of the design. They look so organic and natural and add
dimension and movement that bring your eye around to follow the line of the design.

All the florals work so well with the rustic mason jar sign that screams “Hello Fall”! The yellow Sunflowers pick up the yellow from the sign and tie it all together so nicely. I cannot wait for you to create this festive and stunning design for yourself, your customers, or a dear friend. Let’s get started!

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Supplies for this project:

  • 1 – Sunflower Bush
  • 1 – Hello Fall Sunflower Tag Sign
  • 1 – Mixed Greenery Bush
  • 1 – Berry Spray
  • 1 – 2.5″ Green Linen Ribbon
  • 1 – 2.5″ Orange Brown Green Plaid Ribbon
  • 1 – Rust Pompous Spray
  • 1 – Yellow Gyp Bush

How to make a DIY Sunflower Hello Fall Wreath: Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: Prep Your Sign

Grab a couple of florist wires and start by adding a small piece of ribbon on the bottom to prevent your wire from going through the sign. Use a heavy-duty staple gun to staple the wire on the center bottom. Do the same to add a second florist wire by stapling the center onto the top left corner on the backside of the sign. Add some hot glue to both staples to make them extra secure.

Step 2: Make a Bow

Start with your 2 ½” green linen ribbon and measure out a 20” tail. Dovetail the end. Add the ribbon to your EZ Bowmaker between the dowels and twist towards you so the back side is facing up. Make a 6” loop and twist the ribbon in the center. Make another 6” loop on both sides and trim your tail to about 7” long. 

Add your 1 ½” orange and brown, green plaid ribbon to your Bowmaker and start with a 20” tail. Make one 6” loop on the left side and 2 6” loops on the right side. Trim the tail about 7” long. Grab some raffia and layer it together and use the EZ Bowmaker to make two loops on each side. Add the plaid ribbon again to create a tail and one single 6” loop on the left side. Trim the tail. Lift your bow off the EZ Bowmaker and use a small florist wire to tie around the center together. Trim any longer tails that may be too lengthy and dovetail the remaining ribbon tails.

Step 3: Add Items to Your Wreath Base

Use a 16” grapevine wreath base and place the “Hello Fall” sign on the right side of your base. Use the florist wires you glued previously onto the sign to secure the sign through the back of the grapevine base. Twist the wires to hold it tight and then clip the excess with your wire cutters. 

Add your bow to the opposite side of the sign on your wreath base for balance. Use the floral wire around the center of the bow to secure through the grapevine base on your wreath. Clip the extra wire from the back side. Fluff the loops and tails of your bow to your liking.

Step 4: Let’s Add Some Florals

Start with your large Fall mixed greenery bush and clip it into smaller stems. Fluff the leaves and florals from each stem so they are nice and full. Trim any longer stems into halves for two separate pieces. Start working very close to your bow adding shorter greenery stems on the bottom, then on top for balance. Continue around the bow going now to the left and right sides.  

Continue by adding longer greenery stems up and over from the bow. Dip the ends in hot glue and insert into the grapevine base. 

Continue adding longer greenery stems on the top side working your way to the right and balancing by adding the same stems on the bottom and working your way through, getting closer to your sign.

Grab your Sunflower bush and trim each individual stem from the bush. Sort into larger Sunflowers and other assorted stems that may be similar. Remove the green leaves but keep the flowers. Start with the larger Sunflowers and trim the stems to about 6” long. If you want to use a pick maker to add a floral pick, feel free! Dip the end in hot glue and add above the bow. Add another large Sunflower to the right. A third Sunflower can go in between the previous two, taller that the rest.

Add the other 3 large Sunflowers below the bow, dipping the ends in hot glue to secure. Keep some spacing in between the flowers. Bend the stem if necessary to create movement in your flowers. Grab the individual stems from the Fall mixed greenery bush and add picks to the end with a pick maker if necessary. Dip the ends in hot glue and add above the bow. Continue balancing your design by adding florals opposite of each other throughout your wreath design. 

Step 5: Add Some Fall Berry Stems

Let’s grab some yellow berry stems starting just above the bow. Add a second yellow berry stem opposite the first below the bow. Add another berry stem above the bow. Match the yellow berries by adding some smaller yellow Sunflowers under the bow. Add a few more small Sunflower stems in your design throughout the greenery, always remembering to place your flowers in front of your greenery. 

Take the berry spray and separate it into smaller stems of various lengths. Use your fingers to bend and twist to bring them to life. Add picks to the ends if necessary and start adding the rust-colored berries throughout your design, starting just above the bow, and working your way out. Fill in your design to add more texture and movement along the line you’ve created. It’s good to remember to add stems opposite of each other to keep the balance of your wreath design.

Start breaking down your rust Pompous spray by separating it into smaller stems. Dip the ends in hot glue and start filling in your design with rust Pompous stems. Keep in mind the foundation and line of your design and balance when placing your Pompous throughout the top and bottom of your wreath. As you add florals and greenery, you may need to trim ribbon tails depending on the placement. 

Step 6: Incorporate Some Ribbon Streamers and Finishing Touches

Layer the plaid ribbon on top of the green ribbon, measure about 18” long and twist the ends together. Use a pick maker to attach the ribbon to a pick. Dip the end of the pick in your glue pot and insert it into the bottom to make it look as if these tails belong to the wreath’s bow. Repeat the same steps with the second set of streamers. Dovetail the ends. 

Make any adjustments you might need to any florals or greeneries after stepping back and checking out your final design. Attach a couple of strands of raffia onto a pick with a pick maker. Do this twice. Insert them into the bottom of your wreath base to add some more texture.  Make a small two-loop bow with the plaid ribbon. Use a floral wire to secure the bow center. Add the small bow just over the “Hello Fall” sign by securing with the wire through the sign’s hole into the grapevine base. Trim the tails at an angle so they don’t cover the sign. 

Watch the video: How to make a DIY Sunflower Hello Fall Grapevine Wreath

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sunflower wreath for fall with hello fall sign attached to grapevine wreath on white door


  1. Diane Corchado on July 30, 2023 at 3:21 pm

    Is the sun flower wreath kit still available, if so how much is it

    • Taylor Tompkins on July 31, 2023 at 10:02 pm

      It is sold out but you can find similar items from Greenery Market here.

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