Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

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DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

If you can’t find the perfect candle for your candlestick, why not make a super simple Spring Candlestick Topper? Today we’re breaking out beautiful Spring colors to make this fun DIY Silk Flower Easter Door Hanger! This post contains some affiliate links for your crafting convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

In this tutorial, we’re making a simple Spring Candlestick Topper to replace your candles. Here’s how:


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Decorating for Valentine’s Day is always so much fun. But this year, I wanted to keep it super simple and use pastel colors instead of the traditional red and pink.  So I chose pale peach, creams and burlap for my Valentines Day mantle.  In this tutorial I want to tell you how I made the Candlestick topper that I plan on leaving up through spring.

Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • To begin, cut the flowers off of the bouquet and remove the fat plastic stems.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • Sort the flowers by type to help with placement.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • Starting with the larger pink flowers, push the stems into the styrofoam base. Make sure to evenly space them around the sphere.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • Next, begin to add the large white flowers the same as above, evenly spacing them around.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • Then fill in with smaller flowers. I like these from Hobby Lobby.  Since the stems are not strong enough to pierce the sphere, use an awl to first punch a whole and then add hot glue to the stems and insert.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

  • I added leftover leaves from the bush to fill in any wholes and then hot glued very small flowers using tweezers from this kit into the leaves to help break up all the green.

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

DIY Simple Spring Candlestick Topper

I hope you enjoyed this Simple Spring Candlestick Topper idea! You could easily use this same concept for any season by changing out the flower or you can even add ribbon streamers to the bottom and call it a kissing ball.

Simple Spring Candlestick Topiary by Southern Charm Wreaths

For those asking, I purchased the candles from Grandin Road.

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