My Stitch Fix Unboxing December 2017

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My Stitch Fix Unboxing December 2017 by Southern Charm Wreaths

This is my Stitch Fix unboxing, I know it’s not a DIY but don’t worry, next week I’ll get back to crafting and making pretty! However, when I find something amazing like Stitch Fix, which makes my busy life easier, I’m compelled to share it with you…my peeps! Let’s get right to it shall we. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

My Stitch Fix Unboxing December 2017

Unlike most women, I hate shopping.  And when I get my Stitch Fix box in the mail, it’s my happy mail and no matter how bad the day has been, it will always brighten it up.  I work hard and deserve something that is just for me and something I don’t have to share it with the family.

When I opened my Stitch Fix earlier this year live on Facebook, it was so much fun seeing everyone’s opinions on what I should keep or send back so I decided to do it again this month especially since Stitch Fix Gift Card – Print-At-Home is perfect for the last minute shoppers.  So if you have a hard to buy for person on your list or maybe you’re ready to treat yourself, Stitch Fix might be something for you too.

When I signed up for Stitch Fix, not only did I give them my weight, height, sizes and measurements. But in my styling profile I answered questions about my body shape, how I like my jeans to fit, what parts of my body do I want to flaunt and what parts do I not like, how often do I dress up and they showed me a series of outfits for me to rate. They do a great job pinpointing your style.

Also in your Stitch Fix styling profile, you can choose what price range you want to be in…lower, middle, or higher. I choose the middle knowing I can change it at anytime.  And you can choose the frequency, so if you want a box every month or maybe every two months, you’re in control.

After you join, they send you a box with five items inside for you to try on to see if you like and want to keep them. I have to admit the first Stitch I got, I was not too impressed. I kept 2 things, a pair of shoes and a blouse. But the second Stitch I received, I kept everything (I had to exchange one blouse for a different size). My stylist nailed it. I think it was because I created a Pinterest board and started pinning clothes that I liked to that board.

You can keep all five items in your Stitch Fix box, or you might want to keep only one item, or you might want to send the whole thing back…it’s totally up to you.  For the items you want to send back, place them inside the prepaid envelope and place in your mailbox. So stink’n easy!

If you do keep all five items you get a 20% discount. And for all items ordered, they deduct your $20 styling fee.  So for this Stitch, I can purchase the whole box with 5 items for $170ish. I don’t think that’s bad. Totally worth not having to drive to the mall.

In the video below,  I was on Facebook Live with my Stitch Fix Unboxing.  This way my followers could help me decide which fixes to keep.  You can watch the replay below.


If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix to see if it’s right for you, click here and complete your own style profile.  I also mentioned you can get Stitch Fix Gift Card – Print-At-Home for those last minute gifts.

Let me know what you think of Stitch Fix, is it something you would try? Do you already subscribe to Stitch Fix?

Happy Wreathing,


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