Winter Wedding Wreath

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Learn how to make this glamorous winter wedding wreath with luxurious silk ribbons, white silk flowers, and glittery champagne detailing. 

winter wedding wreath in gold and white

Winter wedding wreath

Today, I’m sharing how I made this stunning custom order – a winter wedding wreath!

The design is full, feathery, and truly gorgeous, complete with gemstone ribbon and champagne accents. The color scheme is filled with creamy whites and gold for a not-so-subtle glamour. 

If you’re interested in a glitzy winter design without major holiday influence, follow along as I make this winter wedding wreath! 

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • 24” Pine wreath
  • Silk wired ribbon
    • 4” Champagne ribbon
    • 2.5” Neutral
    • 2.5” Transparent
    • 1.5” Gemstones
    • 1.5” White 
  • Faux greenery
    • Pine
    • Cedar
    • Long needle pine
    • White Norfolk pine
  • Faux silk flowers
  • Champagne accents
    • Ornaments
    • Berries
    • Leaves
  • Clippers
  • Hot glue 
  • Florist wire

How to make a winter wedding wreath

1. Make your bows

Your first step is to make two bows!

For bow number one, measure a 22” tail of 4” champagne ribbon, pinch, and pleat. Then, measure 16” for an 8” loop, pinch, pleat, and twist. Repeat for a total of two loops, trimming the tail. 

Work on top of this base for your next ribbons, repeating the steps with some small variations:

  • 2.5” Neutral ribbon – Two 7” loops 
  • 2.5” Transparent ribbon – Two 7” loops 
  • 1.5” Gemstones ribbon – Two 6” loops
  • 1.5” White ribbon – One 6” loop

Wrap florist wire around the center and pull tight to secure. 

For your second bow, measure a long tail of 4” champagne ribbon, then 14” for one 7” loop, and trim the tail. 

Repeat these steps for your transparent, neutral, white, and gemstone ribbons, securing the center with florist wire. 

Attach your bows to the wreath using florist wire, with the larger bow at the top left and the smaller bow at the bottom right. 

2. Add faux greenery

Next, begin filling in with clippings of pine around the bow areas, then the outer edge of the wreath. Secure everything with hot glue. 

Repeat this with faux cedar, then long needle pine moving around the outer edge of the wreath for a full and fluffy appearance. 

3. Add elegant accents 

For an elegant touch, add two champagne ornament picks to your wreath on opposite sides. Then, begin filling in with white Norfolk pine. 

To give this wreath an extra airy feel, evenly disperse champagne berries and glittering leaves throughout the wreath, securing everything with hot glue. 

4. Finishing touches

Gift this wreath a final bit of glamour with a couple of extra ribbon tails made with your gemstone ribbon. 

Fill in any holes with remaining clippings of greenery for a full effect. And with a final fluff, your winter wedding wreath is complete!

Watch the video: How to make a winter wedding wreath

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