Boho Sunflower Wreath Design

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Learn how to make this elegant boho sunflower wreath, complete with fall foliage, cream sunflowers, and bohemian accents. 

boho sunflower wreath hanging on a door

Boho sunflower wreath

Today, I’m sharing a simple fall wreath with a little bit of boho charm.

Now, I’m an extra gal at heart, so simple looks a bit different in my wreaths. In this case, it’s a crescent-shaped design with a ton of dimension and muted fall colors. 

Cream sunflowers, peachy hydrangea, and beige pampas grass look elegant when combined, with ample texture to please the eye. 

Let’s get making!

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • 16” grapevine wreath
  • Silk, wired ribbon
    • 4” Beige plaid
  • Assorted faux flowers
    • Sunflower fall sprays 
    • Muted hydrangeas
    • Filler flowers
  • Greenery
    • Pampas grass
    • Long needle pine
    • Light-green foliage 
    • Autumn leaves
  • Hot glue
  • Clippers
  • Bind wire
  • Florist wire

How to make a boho sunflower wreath

1. Make your bow

Our first step is the bow! Grab a 4” plaid ribbon and measure a 21” streamer, pinch, and pleat. Then, measure 14” for a 7” loop, pinch and twist. 

Repeat for a total of three loops, then trim the streamer. 

Secure the center with some florist wire, then use the wire to attach to your grapevine wreath. 

2. Attach boho sunflower sprays

Next, attach your fall sprays with focal sunflowers to the wreath.

Add the first spray moving up and around the wreath and the second spray down and around the wreath, using the bow as a centerpiece. 

Secure with hot glue, then use bind wire to tack down the ends for extra support. 

3. Include silk flower hydrangea

Next, add two peachy hydrangeas evenly spaced on either side of the bow. 

4. Add long-needle pine

For a pop of fresh green, add clippings of long-needle pine throughout your base, securing with hot glue. 

5. Fill in with filler flowers

Add sweet bits of white filler flowers throughout your design, filling holes and distributing pops of white. 

6. Add boho pampas grass

Now, add a few pieces of boho pampas grass evenly spaced at the back of your wreath to add depth to the design. 

7. Fill in with fall foliage

Use fall foliage to fill in any holes, trimming small pieces and securing with hot glue. Then, repeat this step with yellow autumn leaves for more dimension and length to your design. 

Remember to step back and assess your design from a different point of view as you go. This will help you see areas of need.

8. Finishing touches on your boho sunflower wreath

Finally, the finishing touches!

Add a long ribbon tail to create the illusion of a longer, luxe bow. Fill in any holes with table scraps. Fluff your wreath – and you’re done! Your beautiful boho sunflower wreath is ready to enjoy. 

Watch the video: How to make a boho sunflower wreath

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