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An email sequence is a series of 3-5 emails you send to someone who opts into your email list. How many you send will be up to you and your audience.

Email is another way to connect with your audience. If, and when, your social media goes sideways, you’ll have a way to connect with your audience without depending on social media. Most people read their emails. People are more likely to see your email than they are an organic social media post.

An email sequence is a way to develop a relationship with your audience. This is your
opportunity to develop awareness about your brand and have your audience connect with it on a more personal level and figure out if they want more of it.

The subject line is the first thing your audience sees before opening the email. It needs to be click worthy. For example, open your email and look at it. First note, how many emails you receive in a day’s time. If it’s anything like mine, it’s a lot. Now scan the subject lines and ask yourself why do you want to open it?

Notice the use of emojis (, do they help you to notice the email quicker? What about the emotional words used and the cliffhangers? Most emails I open, entice me of something great on the inside of the email that I don’t want to miss out.

With every email you send, always keep in mind what problem you solve for your audience and who your ideal customer is. Yes, a 25 year old might join your mailing list but you need to always be writing to your ideal customer with every email you send them.

People buy from who they know, like and trust and you should include this in your emails.

Always ask yourself, “what do I need to say in order to get this person to know, like and trust me more”?

Write your email sequence in advance before you send it to your audience. You’ll want to map out your ideas, write the emails and schedule them to deliver so many days after the person joins. You can use google docs for free that will help you correct grammar or use something like

Keep your email sequence evergreen, meaning if you’re writing your sequence in the middle of spring, don’t mention spring since someone may join your list in the middle of fall or Christmas. Write your emails so that no matter when someone joins your list and receives your sequence, it will be relevant to them during the time they receive it.

Always write your email to ONE person. This will develop a more personal relationship with the one person. Most people don’t understand email and that when they join your list, you’ll be emailing hundreds at a time. So it’s you..not ya’ll or you guys.

Don’t overstress or over think the sequence. It should take you approximately 1-2 hours to write your series. I find it best to write one day, re read and edit the next day, re read and finalize the third day.

Read your emails out loud. You‘ll be amazed at the typos you find when you vocalize your writings. Write as you speak. In other words, I use contractions… you’ll, I’ll, you’re, etc.

Write as if a 3rd grader is reading it making it easy to read and informal.

Email 1 –
This is your welcome email. Welcome them into your brand and introduce yourself. Give them a seat at your table making them feel special. Explain briefly what you do and how you can help solve their problem.

Give them an appetizer of what’s to come in the next few days with your other emails in your sequence. Give cliffhangers so they will hopefully anticipate the next email and are eager to open it.

Deliver the freebie. This is the whole reason they joined. To get your coupon or free instructions, so don’t forget to deliver this. This can be uploaded directly to the email or it can be a url link to somewhere else you are hosting the content.

Let them know more information is coming by giving them a hook.

Email 2 –
Share a story. This could be what one thing happened in your life to get you started on your business journey. What pivotal moment did you realize you will go into business?

You could also develop your email sequence where you give a series of mini stories leading into why you started the business, what you’ve overcome and/or tips to share.

Let them know another email is coming and give a call to action.

Email 3 –
Include the next tip or the next series in your story. Remember to make them feel part of the brand.

Let them know another email is coming and give a call to action.

Email 4 –
Include the next tip or the next series in your story. Remember to make them feel part of the brand.

Let them know another email is coming and give a call to action.

Emails from here on can be your newsletter broadcasts.

What tips can you share with your ideal customer?
What excuses will your audience give you debunk?
Answer FAQ you get from customers.


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  • leave a comment
  • review,
  • ask for opinions,
  • reply back,
  • join a facebook group.



1 SUBJECT – ?Welcome – Deco Mesh Spring Tutorial

It’s OFFICIAL… you and I could be besties!

I mean, you wanted more information on making WREATHS! Right?

YES!!! Wreaths are my PASSION!

We’re now friends….and you’re an official “Charmer”

What is a Charmer?

A Charmer is someone who is:
Creative – open to new ideas, thinks outside of the box, challenges yourself and takes risks even when you’re afraid.

Respectful – you treat yourself and others with courtesy, kindness, and dignity

Encouraging – you offer hope, strength, support and positive reinforcement to others

And I’m here to personally welcome you aboard and I’m giving you a virtual hug right now!

There’s just a few things I’ve got to let you know up front:

I promise I will only provide you with value in your inbox.

My emails won’t be boring but instead fun and full of making bows, arrangements & wreaths!

You CAN do this!

I’ll be giving you actionable, valuable, flower-making details you can USE in your home or Etsy shop delivered straight from my wreath shop (aka. garage) to your inbox.

And since I know you’re super busy with managing your life, I promise not to waste a second of your time. Deal? Great!

So here’s what you can expect:

Over the next few days, I’m going to share my wreath-making journey with you.

Also, I’ll give you three TIPS of encouragement that will get you started on the right foot for creating.

After that, I’m going to check-in with you regularly (once a week or so) with helpful tips, techniques, ideas and opportunities I share with my fellow Charmers.

These are things I’ve learned the hard way (being self-taught like you) and I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I make! Lessons every aspiring wreath-maker can benefit from – whether you’re new and just starting out or you’re a pro and selling your creations.

Also a little about my desire to have pretty holiday decorations for my new home but as a stay-at-home mom with only one income, I couldn’t afford.

And how I, with no college degree mind you, started an online business from the garage of my home and now make more than most small businesses in my town.

But seriously – there’s something about my journey most people don’t know, even people who know me well like my family and friends.

But that’s a bigger story that can’t be covered in this e-mail, and it’s a part of the three tips I mentioned above. Make sure you tune into my next email to get more of my story.

Now onto the wreath-making video you requested and remember, after you watch the training to practice, practice, practice.

Click Here to Get Your Spring Deco Mesh Tutorial Video >

Deco Mesh Spring Download

I’m happy you’re here, Charmer, and can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! I’m already so
PROUD of you for trying!

Make sure to post a picture of your wreath here in our free Facebook community.

Happy Wreathing,

2 SUBJECT – ? When I couldn’t Get out of Bed

There I was still laying in bed, crying yet again. It was almost noon, the house was a wreck and the kids would be home from school soon.

I wasn’t feverish, I didn’t have a cold. Injured? Nope.

I was having a bad depression day. There I said it. I suffer from depression and I have since I was a teen.

How does this relate to wreath making??? Hold on… I’m getting there.

I used to have a lot of those days. Days I struggled to get out of bed. Days I wondered what my purpose was. Days I knew in my heart I was meant to do something BIGGER. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but honestly, spending my days taking care of them was not fulfilling.

I know that’s a horrible thing to say but it’s the truth. I know, most women would give anything to be able to stay home with their babies. And yes, I’ve had to deal with a LOT of guilt feelings about it.

Most people who see me on video don’t know this and especially my family and friends.

On top of depression, I was also suffering from chronic hives. You know what hives are right? Well, imagine having them DAILY and they never go away. Sometimes so bad, I couldn’t walk, they’d get into my eyes and yes a few trips to the ER because it affected my breathing.

So, why in the word would I, suffering from depression and chronic hives, start a business in the middle of a recession? It sounds so crazy to type this out.

All I can tell you is that it was a GOD THING. I just took a leap of FAITH.

I was already learning to make holiday decor for my home; one, because I like pretty things but two, it was a way for me to cope and try to forget my daily struggles. Then when my neighbors wanted to buy wreaths right off of my door, I thought maybe I’m good at this wreath making thing.

So, I just jumped and took a leap of faith.

And this is Tip 1 for you: Just Start!

No matter what your dreams are.
No matter how hard it seems.
No matter what others may think of you.

If you feel a desire to do bigger things in your life and your friends, family and neighbors see a talent in you, take a leap of faith and start.

Start today!

Don’t be hesitant to start with your wreath making, bow making or flower arranging.
Don’t worry if it’s the ‘right time’.
Don’t worry about how it will look, if it will be pretty enough or if it will even stay together.
Don’t worry if anyone but yourself will appreciate your efforts.

You’ll be PROUD that you started and took a leap.

Ask yourself, how many more holidays do you have? Right now I have about 25 more Christmases or Easters. Time is wasting my friend!

So let’s get started!

Charmer, I have another wreath idea for you. When I have a wreath idea that lists ingredients and steps…I call them wreath recipes.

This wreath recipe is perfect for those who love deco mesh. I know it’s a summer wreath, but this idea can be used for any season.

I want you to practice, practice practice.

I’ll be sending that second tip tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

Happy Wreathing,

3 SUBJECT – ?I can’t believe my son said this to me…

It was one of those days…

You know the ones, nothing is going right. I’m sure you have these days at work too.

But I was struggling with trying to upload pictures to my new Etsy shop and my computer was not being a friend that day.

I mentioned how frustrated I was out loud as I tossed my laptop to the side and then he said it…

My teen son, who I’ve spent all these years NURTURING, ENCOURAGING and MOTIVATING, told me I was not being smart starting a business in a recession. “It was a dumb move and the money I’m spending on supplies could be helping with family expenses”.

I stood there with my mouth open…you know the look. Like I can’t believe he said that… to my face!

I was crushed and then immediately thought… is he right?

He has a point. What was I thinking and why am I even trying to do this wreath making business thing.

Self doubt was there in full force. I mean I had a little of it already (who doesn’t) but when a loved one tells you to be doubtful. Well, there you have it. It hits like a ton of bricks.

He wasn’t the only one spreading the doubt fire in my heart. My own mother was not hopeful this wreath making thing would work out to my favor. Saying, “how many wreaths can one customer really own” you will need to sell a lot.

And this brings me to Tip 2: Don’t Listen to Doubters

If you have a dream and you know in your heart God is guiding you, don’t listen to the doubters and the naysayers. Even if it’s your own family, best friend, or church friend. While they mean well and want to protect you, they don’t know God’s plan for you!

After that day, I thought about quitting but I didn’t. I got back on my laptop and worked until I figured it out. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to others who were trying to ‘protect me’. I had a dream and decided that day, only I would decide when I’ve had enough and nobody will deter me.

I lost a few friends. Friends who didn’t understand why I was trying to build a dream. Friends who didn’t want to stand beside me but instead in front of me. I instead started hanging out with people who supported me and encouraged me!

Listen to your heart and let God guide you in your dreams. You were meant for GREATNESS and you can change the world one wreath at a time.

Charmer, I’ve got another wreath recipe for you. Even though this is a Valentine’s wreath, it can be done in any color or sign and is great for gift giving to someone who needs cheering up!

How to Make a Deco Mesh Valentines Wreath

I’ll be sending the third tip tomorrow, so be on the lookout.

Happy Wreathing,

4 SUBJECT – ?This was a game changer…

When you follow your dreams there’s a lot of unknown and a lot of fear:

Will I be good enough?
Will anyone be interested in what I do?
Will I have enough money to make it happen?
Will I be able to keep up?
Will I have enough time?

All of these were my fears! Yes, I have lots of fear.

Anyone who starts a new adventure has fear, that’s totally normal!

But I didn’t know that at the time. I thought I was the only one who was a scaredy cat.

One day I heard a pastor say, if you’re following your God-given path, then the fear you have is not from Him but instead it’s a distraction to keep you for your destiny!

This one phrase was a game changer for me. I started to think of all the times fear held me back:

Not starting sooner…
Not calling on someone for fear of rejection…
Not trying a new design because it’s out of my comfort zone…
Not feeling confident because I’m self taught…
Not starting because it’s not the right time…

It goes on and on. Can you relate to any of these?

I decided at that moment, it was okay and normal to be afraid but I’m going to do it anyway.

That’s why you’ll see me use this hashtag #doingitscared and wearing the Doing It Scared t-shirt me and other Charmers wear.

[Image of me wearing t-shirt photo]

So this is my Tip 3 for you: Do it scared!

It’s not easy at first but the more you can do it scared, the less fear will hold you back.

I mean I still hear the fear chatter in my head, but because I’ve stopped giving in to it, it’s
more irritating than game changing.

I say all of this because I understand you may be fearful and that’s normal, but do it anyway.

The only way to overcome the fear, is to do what you’re afraid of. Don’t let fear keep you from trying new things or going after that dream.

Charmer, Instead of a wreath recipe to share in this email, I have a list of tools. These are my favorite tools to recommend for beginner wreath makers. I know you’ll find this list useful because it’s all of the one’s I’ve had success with.

Find the tools here:

Now you have my top 3 tips for beginning your wreath making journey! I’ll be sending you another email in the coming few days with more wreath recipes or ways to get active in our wreath making community!

Happy Wreathing!

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