How to Make A Black and White Buffalo Plaid Snowman Wreath – with Carolina Pottery

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It’s snowing! (Well, not here, but the Midwest sure got hit early this year.) So to celebrate – or at least to make the best of it if you’re not a fan of the cold – today we are going to be making this beautiful black and white buffalo plaid snowman wreath. No snow required!

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"DIY Carolina Pottery Christmas Snowman Hat Wreath" - wreath with frosted greenery, poinsettias, pinecones, and black and white buffalo plaid snowman hat with bow and christmas ornaments

Buffalo plaid is one of the top trends for Christmas decor this year, and for good reason! It’s so simple and classic. And it just feels so homey. When I found this black and white buffalo plaid snowman hat at Carolina Pottery this year, I had to snatch one up to make this wreath. But I’m considering going back to get another for my tree topper too!

Carolina Pottery has three locations in the Carolinas and Georgia, but if you don’t live near one, you can check out their website, for the same high-quality silk florals and ribbon that I use in my many of wreaths. 

Let’s get started!

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Supplies for this project:

Steps for making a Buffalo Plaid Snowman Hat Wreath with Carolina Pottery

Step 1 – Start by laying your snowman hat into the middle of the wreath to decide on your placement. You’ll want to make sure the hat doesn’t stick too far out the back of the wreath, or it won’t lay flat. Look at where your hat is touching the frame of the wreath so you can determine where you’ll need to punch holes. You’ll likely need at least two in the rim and one in the top of the hat.

Step 2 –  Next you’ll punch the holes in the hat to attach it to the wreath frame. I’m using a beading tool that’s made for punching holes in metal. If you don’t have one of those, there are plenty of other tools, like an ice pick or an awl, that will get the job done.  After you punch each hole, you’ll bring a piece of floral wire through the hole just a couple inches, and twist the end back around the long stem so secure it to the hat.  Once all the wires are attached, place the hat back inside the wreath and twist the wires in to secure it. 

(Step 2.5 – Have a mini dance party and shake the wreath around to make sure the hat stays in place. Especially important if you’ve got any door slammers in your house!)

Step 3 – Now it’s time to make the bow. First you’ll measure how long you want the tails and loops on your bow. I’m using 24″ of ribbon for the tails and 14″ inches for my biggest loops.

For this size bow, you’ll pinch the ribbon 24″ from the end, then make a loop with the next 14″, keeping the right side of the ribbon facing out. Make the same loop again 3 times, and use them to form an X, with the middle of the cross pinched between your fingers.

Make another 2 loops this way, this time with 12″ of ribbon each. Hold these between the 14″ loops, and across from each other. Make sure the smaller loops stay in front of the larger ones.  The next set of 4 loops is made with 10″ of ribbon each, form these into another X like the 14″ loops. 

Lastly, you have to make the rest of the tails. This bow has 4 tails total, so I’ll bring the working end of the ribbon around into a really long loose loop. Now you’ll cut that loop in half and cut the working end of the ribbon to make the fourth tail.  

Next wrap a piece of wire around the middle of the bow and twist it tight to secure. Use that wire to then attach the bow to the bottom of the wreath, under the hat. 

Watch the video below for a better look at how this bow is put together. If you need a little more help with bow making, I also have a great free tutorial for How to make 9 different bows for wreaths. 

Step 4 –  Now it’s time to add on the florals. I’m spacing out 3 big poinsettias to bring a pop of color to our mostly-black-and-white wreath. Squeeze some hot glue on the stems and wiggle them into the pine branches of the wreath to make sure they get stuck on good. Then do the same with your other florals. Keep adding greens until the wreath is nice and lush. 

Step 5 – We’re almost done now! Next it’s pine cones and some dimension-adding sticks from the poinsettia spray, and the plaid ornaments. You’ll want to trim the stems of each so they aren’t sticking out the back. Then spread the pieces out throughout the wreath, nestling them into the greens and attaching with hot glue. 

Step 6 – The last think I like to do in a wreath like this is take any extra leaves that fell off or didn’t get used, and add them into the bow. It makes the bow blend a little better  with the rest of the wreath. Since we’ve got the hat in this one, we’ll add a few leaves on that too. 

And that’s all there is to it!

Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

I like mine with all the black and white, but if you’re thinking you want to add a few more pops of color, some red berries would look nice. 

How to Make Black and White Buffalo Plaid Snowman Hat Wreath with Carolina Pottery

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