Coquette Flowers Long & Low Arrangement

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Looking for a delicate, feminine floral arrangement? Try this long and low design, complete with coquette flowers in varying shades of pink and white. 

long and low pink and white coquette flower arrangement

Long and low arrangement with coquette flowers

Today’s design is inspired by the coquette flowers trend, drawing on all things light, lacy, and feminine. 

This DIY coquette arrangement would be perfect for Mother’s Day, a baby shower, Breast Cancer Awareness month… the list goes on!

Any occasion that requires a touch of gentle femininity would be perfect for this coquette flower arrangement.

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • Long and low container 
  • Desert foam
  • Spanish moss
  • Nandina 
  • Maidenhair fern
  • Airy textured fern
  • Pink hydrangeas 
  • Pastel pink garden roses
  • Pastel pink cabbage roses
  • Small white roses
  • Small pink ranunculus 
  • Waxflowers
  • Fuchsia berries
  • Scalloped lace ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

How to make a long and low arrangement with coquette flowers

1. Create the foundation 

Our first step in this coquette flower arrangement is to create the foundation. 

Start by adding a cut of desert foam to your long and long container. Then, lay a thin layer of Spanish moss on top. 

Next, begin your foundation of greenery with long clippings of nandina, sticking them along the outer edge and securing them with hot glue. 

Take slightly shorter pieces and move them throughout the rest of the foam. 

Then, add maidenhair fern throughout, building the base between the nandina.

2. Add pink coquette flowers

Next up are our beautiful focal flowers!

Trim your pink hydrangeas and add one piece to the center of your arrangement. Then, add another to the left side and a final on the right in a diagonal pattern.

Next, add three garden roses in the same pattern, opposite the hydrangeas. 

Finally, include light pink cabbage roses between the established hydrangeas and garden roses. 

3. Include filler coquette flowers

Start filling in gaps between the pink florals with cuttings of small white roses. 

Then, add some small pink ranunculus to further fill in any gaps. The medium-pink shade will add a good contrast. 

Our final filler flowers are small wax flowers – they’re fluffy, feathery, and have great visual interest. Add them wherever you see a hole. 

4. Add fuchsia berries

Include cuttings of fuchsia berries to the arrangement, starting around the outer edge and then moving throughout. 

This color adds a good contrast to the lime-green greenery. 

You can also add a few berry leaves around the outer edge for an extra touch. 

5. Wrap the container in ribbon

Wrap your base container with a coquette-style ribbon; I chose a light pink ribbon with a white scalloped lace detail.

Now, wrap all the way around the base, securing it with double-sided tape. Then, add a single bow to the center of the base, attaching it with hot glue. 

6. Finish with delicate greenery

An airy, textured greenery gives the perfect finishing touch to this design. 

Attach clippings along the lower edge of your arrangement, gently draping down the sides.

And with that, your DIY long and low coquette arrangement is complete!

Watch the video: How to make a DIY long and low coquette arrangement 

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  1. Lea Billingsley on May 24, 2024 at 10:51 am

    Absolutely stunning. Great for a Womens church luncheon. Then use as a give away door prize. I find the ladies love floral door prizes

  2. Jill. Spriggs on May 24, 2024 at 12:29 pm

    Julie this looks cool I do like the pink femininity of this arrangement. Woohoo woohoo!! Pink and pearls I used to wear that all the time it’ll be exciting to see how this comes to fruition thank you love you 🙏🙏 have a wonderful and safe memorial Day weekend yesterday I did nine bouquets for my family and four different cemeteries was busy today and working on red white and blue swag love you guys

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