DIY Fall Peony Lantern Topper

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Ready to change it up from the standard wreath decor? Create a warm and welcoming DIY fall peony lantern topper to keep or sell. It makes a gorgeous piece of outdoor decor or indoor centerpiece.

A fall Peony lantern topper

How to make a DIY fall peony lantern topper

Even though lanterns can be a home decor item you can use any time of year or season, I adore them most in the fall and winter. Just looking at them makes me think of small campfires and staying warm by the fire when the weather is chilly.

You are going to love how fabulous this peony swag looks when you add it on top of a metal lantern. The rich reds and golds in the peonies make me think of the flame from the candles that would have been inside the lantern.

If you are looking for a more muted design that isn’t as loud and showy as other designs, this one is for you. The rich browns and golds in this lantern topper have a subtle beauty that enhances the overall feel of this picturesque piece.

The best thing about this lantern topper is that I used leftover greenery and ribbons from another wreath I made. This saves me money and ties all the designs together.

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Supplies for this project:

How to make a DIY fall peony lantern topper: Step-by-step tutorial

1. Make your bow

The very first thing we need to do is make a quick hand-tied bow.

Start with a 12” tail and pinch, then make two 12” loops, pinching and twisting in the center. Cut the tail. Repeat the same with the second layer of 2.5” ribbon, making 12” tails and 12” loops.

Shape your bow as you go by adjusting loops towards the front. When you have two loops from the first ribbon, cut the tail and create loops from the second ribbon.

Use as many different sizes and colors of ribbon in your bow as you want. I used two different colors – I like how the texture of the lace ribbon looks against the brown buffalo-checked one. Then, I added one loop of a 1 1/2″ white ribbon to give it a bit more color.

When you are finished making your bow, use floral wire to secure the center of the bow.

2. Create your floral bouquet

This is going to be the focus of the lantern topper swag.

Attach the leaves, berries, and flowers together by laying one piece on top of the other one and intertwining the stems within each other. Place the leaves at top of the bouquet and let the peonies stand out at the bottom.

Then, repeat this design on the bottom of the bouquet. Both the top and bottom of this bunch should be mirror images of each other.

Use a few zip ties to attach the two ends together, leaving a space for the bow in the center. Turn your swag to the back and use wire cutters to cut off any excess stems you don’t need.

3. Attach the bow

Lay the bow directly in the middle of the bouquet you just made.

Attach the bow by feeding the wire through the swag so it is secured. Keep twisting the wire until the bow is completely immovable.

4. Add a topper to your lantern

Use more floral wire to attach your topper to your lantern. You can use lanterns anywhere from 20-30” tall. Just make sure that your topper doesn’t cover the whole thing.

Finish the lantern topper by shaping it. Stand back and adjust everything so that it is as fluffy and showy as you want it to be.

Watch the video: How to make a fall peony lantern topper

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How To Make a Fall Peony Lantern Topper


  1. Deb Billings on October 3, 2022 at 6:56 am

    Good morning! So excited to have found you and your website! Do you sell the white fall garland in your wreath tutorial? Absolute love the ribbon and colors!

    Thank you
    Deb Billings

    • Taylor Tompkins on October 3, 2022 at 9:46 am

      Hey Deb – We do not sell supplies but you can find all of the items Julie does have available for purchase in her Etsy shop here:

      If you are interested in supplies, you can find all of Julie’s favorite vendors in her Big Book of Faux Floral Suppliers here:

  2. Cecilia Smith on October 6, 2022 at 11:21 am

    Hi Julie.
    I just watched the video of the Lantern Swag. It is gorgeous. I don’t get on your site much even though I subscribed to it. I just can never find the time to get on.

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