DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Ideas with Silk Flowers

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Create a beautiful Tabletop Christmas Tree with this step-by-step tutorial. We’re adding greenery to an artificial tree to make it a custom decoration for your home. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Today we’re taking a standard artificial tabletop Christmas tree and making it a custom decoration for your home. This would be perfect for a centerpiece, entryway, dorm room, nursing home and of course a lovely gift.

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Tabletop Christmas Tree
Container (Carolina Pottery)
Aquarium Rocks
Floral picks or skewers
Design Master Snow Blast (Optional)
Assorted greenery & silk flowers
Silicone mat
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun

Steps for DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Ideas with Silk Flowers

Step 1 – Prepare the Tree

Remove the base from the bottom of the tree. Then reveal a bit of the stake at the bottom of the tree by trimming some of the tree limbs so it can easily go in the container.

Step 2 – Prepare the Container

Next, prepare the container by first weighting it down with aquarium rocks. Add hot glue over the rocks to keep them in place.

Then add a piece of Styrofoam on top of it to elevate your arrangement.

Add another piece of Styrofoam on top of the other inside the container using hot glue to adhere it. You can also run floral picks or skewers through the pieces of Styrofoam to make it more stable.

Step 3 – Add Tree

Use an awl to make a hole in the center of the Styrofoam. You’ll want your tree to go in several inches.

Add hot glue into the hole and then add the tree.

Next, to hide the Styrofoam, add a bit of moss, silk leaves, or other material to cover it using hot glue. If you’d like, add a bit of Snow Blast from Design Master to your moss to give it a snowy effect.

Tip: Do not pickup your arrangement by the tree as the glue will not be dry at this point.

Step 4 – Make Bows

While everything is drying, make two bows for the top of your tree.

I started with 1.5 yard streamers and made four 8-inch bow loops for each. For detailed bow making instructions, click here. Set bows aside.

Step 5 – Add Greenery

Next, add in additional greenery pieces to fill in your tree. Cut greenery into individual pieces and hot glue into the spine of the tree. Use a variety of shades of green, some pieces with berries.

Tip – Cut greenery at different lengths for a more natural look.

Step 6 – Add Silk Flowers

Cut pieces of silk flowers from a larger bush and add those in with hot glue to the tree.

Fill in any empty areas with small pieces of greenery.

Tip – I like to place this on a lazy Susan so I can easily turn the arrangement around while working on it.

Step 7 – Attach Bows

Add your bows to the top of the tree – one on each side – using wire.

Lastly, turn your tree around to see all sides and fill in any last gaps or holes.

Voila! A DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree!

Video DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Ideas with Silk Flowers

Have you ever customized a tabletop tree? Isn’t this fun! The great thing about this tree is that you can do this for so many different holidays or occasions. You could make this with wedding colors for a winter wedding, or make a Valentine tree or Easter tree. So many options to customize it just for you.

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