How to Make a Silk Flower Cream Sunflower Arrangement

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It’s so easy to make a silk sunflower arrangement – and you can make it as simple or as fancy as you like. Watch this tutorial to see how!

silk sunflower arrangement

DIY silk flower cream sunflower arrangement

Sunflowers are just as much about fall as they are about celebrating summertime! In fact, sunflowers tend to bloom the biggest right around September, just as the weather is cooling down.

This cute little sunflower arrangement is perfect for your living room or as a centerpiece at a brunch or bridal shower.

Make a few extras and sell them too! It’s often a good idea to sell silk floral arrangements along with wreaths on Etsy. They ship easier and give people more options.

Let’s get started!

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Supplies for this project

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How to make a silk sunflower arrangement – Step by step tutorial 

1. Prep your container

Before you even begin, the very first step is to prepare your container.

Does it have an obvious front and back? Some containers will have pictures or fun little quotes on the front. If yours does, keep this in mind as you design it.

Then, insert the florist foam blocks. I dipped my foam into melted glue sticks and glued it to the bottom of the container. This way, the foam won’t move around as I insert the greenery.

Keep adding foam until it reaches the top of your container. Fill your container completely with the foam too. You might have to cut some blocks into thinner shapes to fit on the container’s sides.

2. Cover blocks with moss

Fill the top of your container with faux moss. Make sure you cover the foam blocks completely. Keep adding moss to the corners and every side of the container so you can’t see the foam blocks anymore.

You can do these two steps ahead of time and keep some prepped containers in storage to speed up the process.

3. Add greenery

I used three different types of greenery to give it more texture. If you are in my Wreath Making of the Month Club, you know how much I love creating things with different textures – and I usually use the rule of threes. In this case, I used three different types of greenery.

Start with your longest piece of greenery, cutting at an angle to help with easy insertion into the foam. Dip it in hot glue and insert directly into the foam and place it in the center of the container.

Cut your greenery at different heights to make it appear more natural. Fill in a section of your foam. 

4. Layer with silk sunflowers

Trim the flowers so that the piece that you want to be the longest has the longest stem. Measure it to the box first, and then trim it to the size you want. Add the sunflowers around the edges of the greenery.

Place the first flower on the front side of your container. If your container doesn’t have a clear front or back, make it up. That’s the fun of floral arranging.

5. Fill in with more greenery

After you are satisfied with how the sunflowers look, create your shape with the second type of greenery.

Trim them to be the perfect size for your container and insert them throughout the white sunflowers.

Insert them at an angle to get a realistic look for the arrangement. The shape should be triangular, so keep adding more fullness around the bottom edge.

6. Fill in with the third type of greenery

The third type of greenery I used is variegated boxwood. These are pushers, so when you push them up and down, they will be compact or spread out.

Layer these greenery picks throughout the sunflower and greenery, making it look as full as you want it.

I also keep balance in mind. When you work on one side, immediately repeat that same action on the other side.

7. Add white filler flowers

Once you are satisfied with the shape and fullness of the arrangement, fill in the empty spots with white filler flowers.

This step is completely optional. You can add them if you want it to have a bit more color and texture.

8. Fill and finalize silk sunflower arrangement

You could stop here or keep going. Continue adding more greenery or white filler flowers. Since you already established your shape at the beginning, all that is left is to fill in the empty spots.

Keep fluffing and adding more florals or greenery to make it as showy and full as you like it.

Watch the video: How to make a quick DIY silk sunflower arrangement

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