Succulent Arrangements For Gift-Giving

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Create classic succulent arrangements and share them with people you love as thoughtful DIY gifts. They are so easy to make and will bring joy for years to come.

Two Succulent Arrangements

How To Make DIY Succulent Arrangements

Who doesn’t love a long-lasting and charming succulent? They are stunning and the perfect thing to give almost anyone – even if you don’t know the person very well.

These succulent arrangements are a lot of fun to put together, and they take almost no time at all. In fact, you might even start selling them!

Grab your supplies and make some succulent arrangements with me.

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Supplies for this project:

How To Make Succulent Arrangements: Step-By-Step Tutorial

1. Insert The Foam and Moss

If you are making these to set around your house, then don’t glue the foam block inside your container. That way you can easily remove the foam and reuse the container for other projects. If you are going to ship them or give them as a gift, then I suggest gluing them in.

Cut the moss to size, insert it into your container, and glue the fake moss on top.

2. Prepare The Foam

One of my succulents has a thick and heavy stem, so I needed to cut a hole in the foam. Whenever you use something with a thick stem, you need it to go down deep into the foam so that it will hold the weight of it upright.

3. Glue The Succulents To The Foam

Now you are ready to start making the succulent arrangements. Start with your tallest and largest succulent piece. Insert it in the middle of the foam.

In order to secure the picks to the foam, I melt some glue sticks in an electric skillet pan and tip the end of the picks into the glue, before inserting them into the foam.

It might help for you to look at photos of real succulents before you make your arrangements. This way you can make sure that you are making them look lifelike. For example, you don’t want them to droop over the side or be too spread apart.

4. Balance With Color

Even succulents have different shades of green that will either clash or compliment each other. Balance the colors of your arrangement carefully. If you add lime green on one side, add more lime green to the other side.

5. Pay Attention to Height

As you make the arrangements, keep one succulent pick as the focal point. Keep it the tallest piece and arrange other types around it, lower at the base.

That’s it! After you make your first succulent arrangement, the second one (and ones after that) are so much easier. You’ll be able to make them without even thinking!

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