How to Merry Christmas Swag with Coach Laurie Anne

This Merry Christmas swag design is perfect for the holidays, filled with brightly patterned ribbons, wintery faux greenery, and just a touch of whimsy! Merry Christmas swag I love holiday designs that mix classic elements with fresh and fun accents – and this DIY Christmas swag hits the nail on the head! With Classic Christmas…

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DIY Elegant Holiday Corner Swag 

Create this elegant holiday corner swag design, complete with textured greenery, mauve magnolias, and shimmery champagne accents.  Holiday corner swag This holiday corner swag exudes a truly special subdued beauty.  While I’m a big fan of “extra” designs, there’s something especially captivating about a subtle color palette with oodles of texture.  And this elegant swag…

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How to Make a Christmas Lantern Topper

christmas lantern with floral swag

My husband and I just moved into a new home (although if you’re not new around here, y’all definitely knew that already!) and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to make myself some new Christmas decor! I have had this oversized lantern from Carolina Pottery for several years now and I think I’m…

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