DIY Tobacco Basket Christmas Wreath

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Is it just me or are these tobacco baskets EVERYWHERE these days? I mean, it makes sense. They’re so simple and pretty. And they go great with farmhouse decor. Since they’re so popular right now, I wanted to show you all a way to dress them up a little to use for your holiday decor by making this tobacco basket Christmas wreath.

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Red tobacco basket christmas wreath made with plaid ribbon, frosted trailing greenery, pinecones, berries and silk poinsettia

Isn’t it just so pretty? My favorite part is the plaid ruffle. I’ll even show you how to make that out of wired ribbon.

Let’s get started!


Red Tobacco Basket (Carolina Pottery)
Dry Floral Foam
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Pan
Glue Sticks
Wire Cutters
Zip ties 
2.5” Wired ribbon (the one I use is from Carolina Pottery)
Floral Pins
Poinsettia spray (Carolina Pottery)
Snowy Greenery spray (Carolina Pottery)
Trailing Greenery Spray (Carolina Pottery)
Small Berry Spray (Carolina Pottery)

If you can’t find a red tobacco basket, you can spray paint a light colored one. Just make sure you have good ventilation when you’re painting and give it plenty of time to dry.

Carolina Pottery is one of my favorite stores for wreath making supplies. They have a few locations here in the south, but if you aren’t close to one, you can find their online store here. Some of the items I use may not be listed online, but if you give them a call and tell them Julie sent you, they can help you get what you need. 


Step 1 – Cut a small rectangle piece of the dry foam to attach to the corner of the basket. We won’t be using a lot because we don’t want the arrangement to get too big and cover the basket. Use hot glue to attach the foam near the corner of the basket, then secure with zip ties. If you don’t like the zip ties sticking out the bottom, you can glue on a silk leaf to cover them.

Step 2 –  Next you’ll start the bow. Start pulling the wire out of one side of your ribbon, ruffling it as you go. (Watch the video below to see how I do this.) Then glue the straight edge of the ribbon around the outside of the basket.

Step 3 –  Now it’s time to start on the greenery and florals.  Start by covering your foam in a layer of moss. Secure with floral pins. Then get your frosted greenery pulled apart and start forming the back of the arrangement. You’ll be placing the poinsettia in the middle of the foam block, so use the greenery to make a sort of backdrop for it. Then glue on the flower. Mix up the different shades and textures to help your arrangement not look so flat. Drape the trailing greenery down the bottom (hanging off the closest corner to the foam).

Step 4 – And lastly, you’ll add the pinecones and berries. (I decided to connect my two pinecone stems with floral wire so that the second one could be a little longer and drape down with the trailing greenery.) Glue the pinecones into the foam and then glue the berries in around the poinsettia. 

And that’s all there is to it!

Now we’re getting awful close to Christmas so if you want to make something you can keep up a little longer, this would be so pretty in winter colors too, just like the Rustic Winter Table Arrangement we made a couple weeks ago. 

How to Make Tobacco Christmas Wreath

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Happy Wreathing,


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"How to: Tobacco Basket Christmas Wreath" Red basket with plaid ruffle ribbon, greenery and frosted poinsettia

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