DIY Whimsical Elf Christmas Wreath on Grapevine

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Any Elf on the Shelf fans out there? Take a look at the whimsical elf christmas wreath we are making today with this fun sign from Trendz and Gemz. And the best part is…

It’s easy, quick to make, and perfect for beginners!

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Let’s jump right in!

Supplies for the Whimsical Elf Christmas Wreath

18″ painted grapevine (Carolina Pottery)
Elf Sign (TrendzAndGemz)
Staple gun and staples
Floral Wire
Hot Glue Pan
Hot Glue Sticks
4″ Ribbon (Keleas on Etsy)
2.5″ Ribbon (TrendzandGemz)
1.5″ Ribbon (Wholesale)
Wire Cutters
Greenery Branches (TrendzandGemz)
Berry Branches (Wholesale)
Ball Pick Ornaments (TrendzandGemz)

Carolina Pottery is a local store with four locations here in the South, but if you can’t get to one, many of their items can be found here.

TrendzAndGemz is one of my favorite online floral supply shop. Here’s a shortcut to all of their items that are featured in my tutorials.

Steps for Making the Whimsical Elf Christmas Wreath

Step 1 – First we need to get the Elf sign ready to attach to the wreath. Lay the sign on the wreath to find where you will attach the wire.  Staple 2 floral wire stems onto the back of your sign where you will attach them to the wreath. Then secure the wire further with hot glue. Let dry. 

Step 2 – Next you’ll make the bow. Using the widest ribbon, leave a 12” tail, then pinch two 14” loops into your fingers. Measure another 12” and cut the second tail. Continue holding  the bow, and repeat for the medium ribbon, and then the smallest ribbon. Twist a small piece of floral wire around all three ribbons to hold them together. ( Watch the video for a better look at how I make the bow.)

Step 3 – Attach the sign to the side of your grapevine wreath using the floral wire you attached earlier. Twist the wire together at the back and trim the ends. 

Step 4 – Attach the bow the same way on the other side. Fluff the bow up until you like the look, and then trim each tail into a V shape. 

Step 5 – Separate the frosted greenery branches into individual stems and attach to the wreath with hot glue. Start with the first branches near the bow, with the stems tucked underneath it. Tuck another layer underneath the first branches working your way around the wreath until it is mostly covered. You can also add a couple extra near the bow, with the greenery coming off the side to give it a more cohesive look. 

Step 6 – And finally, you’ll separate your berries and ornaments stems, and add them to the wreath. Spread them around the wreath and tuck them into the greenery. Secure with hot glue. 

And that’s all there is to it!

Now all you have to do is hang it on the front door to remind the kids that even if Santa’s not watching – one of his helpers is!

How to Make the Whimsical Elf Christmas Wreath

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"DIY Elf Wreath" Bright red and green wreath with elf sign, bow, berries and Christmas ornaments

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