[WOTMC] Fall Hydrangea & Pumpkin Grapevine Wreath

fall hydrangea pumpkin wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 24” Oval Grapevine Wreath 1 – FSPRY181 – Fall Magnolia/Pinecone Spray 1 – RGA1201R2 – 1.5” Fall Plaid Wired Ribbon 1 – 3938-VAN – Vanilla Hydrangea Bush 1 – FFS48 – Fall Eucalyptus Branch 1 – PBF422-GR – Australia Fern Bush 1 – FP2121 – Muted Fall Pumpkin Pick 1 –…

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[WOTMC] Summer Hydrangea Wreath

coral hydrangea grapevine wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 18” Grapevine Wreath 1 – Q501809-585 – 1.5” Black/White Striped Wired Ribbon 3 – PM2236-G – MagFol Fern & Tea Leaf Spray 3 – 451157 – Orange Hydrangea Stems 2 – 430309 – Red Cosmos Spray 2 – 626415 – Light Orange Hibiscus 2 – 709900 – Eucalyptus Stems 2 –…

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[WOTMC] Purple Spring Hydrangea Wreath

spring hydrangea wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 16” Grapevine Wreath (Carolina Pottery) 1 – 745059 – Purple “Fresh Picked” Hydrangea Stem (Hobby Lobby) 1-2 – QSS302-GR – 27” Smilax Spray (Carolina Pottery) 3 – 1084458 – Lavender “Real Touch & Feel” Carnations (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1571942 – Purple Lavender Spray (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1212273 – Lilac…

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DIY Faux Lemon Centerpiece with Hydrangeas

Am I the only one who’s itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful almost-summer weather? Every time I look outside I get a little more excited for summer weather! But if I can’t get out, you can be darn sure I’m at least going to decorate like it! So today in the wreath shop,…

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DIY Hydrangea Christmas Centerpiece

Hey everyone! Lately, I’ve been doing tutorials for the cute and whimsical side of Christmas. We’ve made a snowmen arrangement, Santa wreath, elf wreath… all that fun stuff.  Today, we’re going to change directions a bit and make an elegant DIY Christmas hydrangea centerpiece that’s got a very classic Christmas look to it. It will…

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How to Make a Hydrangea Centerpiece

How to make a hydrangea centerpiece using silk flowers.

In this video, we’re making a Hydrangea Centerpiece for your table. Hydrangea centerpieces are very popular for many occasions including wedding, showers and graduation parties. This table centerpiece is perfect for Spring or Summer and is quick and easy to make. I know you’re going to love it. This post may contain affiliate links for…

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[WOTMC] Featured Summer Flamingo Teardrop Swag

      To make the bow using EZ Bow Maker The inspiration for this month’s project is the flamingo! Flamingos are super popular this summer and when I saw it, I knew I had to make a project with it. All of the pieces of the flamingo are bendable and shapeable, so it’s really…

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