Tips to Get Your First 1000 Real Facebook Followers

  1. Make sure to completely fill out all aspects of your page, including: about section, url, profile picture, cover photo, address (if brick and mortar), mission, long description, email, phone. Make sure to use keywords (i.e., for me that would be holiday wreaths for front door in Columbia, SC).
  2. Create a few weeks of posting where you post 4 times a day so that there’s content on the page.
  3. Optimize your personal Facebook profile.
  4. Invite your Facebook friends through the invite option on your page. We all have friends and we all leverage them in the beginning.
  5. Funnel your Etsy viewers and buyers to like you on Facebook. You can type this in every description, include it in the announcement, include it in the follow up email to the buyer after purchase, etc.
  6. Email your contacts and let them know how they can get value by liking your page.
  7. Add buttons on your website so that people will like your page from your website.
  8. Ask people to like your page while selling at craft shows/fairs. A lot of times you can create a scanable code for people to scan.
  9. Do videos and Facebook lives. Make those who share feel special by calling them ‘the fan of the day’. I like to call it a “virtual hug” and thank them.
  10. Get networking. This is necessary but also can be time-consuming but the more you get into the Facebook community and comment on other posts as your Page, get involved in the conversation, like pages and generally be a social butterfly, the more you will reap the rewards.  So go into groups where you know your target buyer will be and post helpful tips and advice as your page and not as your profile. For example, if you’re a wreath seller, do not comment in the wreath groups where other wreath sellers hang out, instead comment in parenting groups, holiday groups, business executive groups, etc.
  11. After one day of doing a Facebook live, go back and invite those who have engaged with the post or the video to like your page.
  12. Because only 1-3% of our followers see one of our posts, we need to post frequently throughout the day (a minimum of 4 times a day). Here is what I suggest posting on Facebook: live video, video premiere, picture posts of what you sell, engaging question post, inspirational post, behind the scenes post, boomerangs, some of your personal life, why you’re doing what you do, etc. Learn more here about the Anatomy of a good Facebook post.
  13. Create a Facebook Engagement Ad to get people to like your page.

What tips do you have for growing you’re own Facebook page?

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  1. Debby Dougherty on December 14, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    I feel confident about the creative aspect of wreath making as I have been doing floral decorating and seasonal work for better than 20 years. I have very little knowledge about the online side. I worked selling and creating out of a brick and mortar.

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