DIY Red Tulip Heart Wreath

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and this gorgeous red tulip heart wreath is the perfect project to mark the occasion! It’s made with minimal materials but still makes a huge impact with its flame-red color palette. 

red tulip heat wreath on a door

Red tulip heart wreath

With love-day coming up any day now, I thought I’d celebrate with this iconic design. After all, what’s more quintessentially Valentine’s Day than a heart motif? 

This red tulip wreath is made on a beautiful heart-shaped grapevine for a cute, holiday-inspired touch. 

The tulips are super full and gorgeous, with a monochromatic red color palette that would make a striking statement on anyone’s front door. 

And while it’s beyond perfect for V-Day, you can use this technique for just about any occasion by simply swapping the color palette. 

Try a favorite color for a birthday celebration, white tulips for sympathy, or pastel shades for a baby announcement – the options are unlimited. 

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Supplies for this project

You’ll need: 

  • 18” Heart wreath
  • Red faux tulips 
  • Hot glue 
  • Clippers 

How to make a red tulip heart wreath

1. Create a base of red tulips

Making this wreath is super easy, using just one variety of faux flowers.

Begin by trimming your red tulips, removing leaves, and cutting down stems to manageable lengths.  

Then, create your base by adding red tulips to your wreath, sticking pieces through the grapevine, and securing everything with hot glue. 

Work all the way around your wreath, remembering to keep your tulips moving in a uniform direction. On the right side of your wreath, all tulips should move upwards, and on the left side, all tulips should move downwards. 

Be sure to keep the shape of the heart frame as you’re building this structure, punctuating the dip of the heart. 

2. Include shorter stems 

Once your base is set, it’s time to keep building out until your tulips are full and beautiful!

Trim shorter stems of your tulips, filling in for a fluffy effect. I recommend you step back to get a larger view of your canvas, looking for any holes to fill with additional bulbs. 

The goal is to cover the entire grapevine with striking red tulips – no vine in sight!

3. Add leaf accents

Because the color of these faux tulips is so bold, you’ll need some small breaks of color. This also provides a more realistic, elevated design. 

Use the leaves you previously trimmed from your tulips, gluing them to the outer and inner rims of your wreath. 

Ensure they are tight behind the wreath, not sticking out too far – we don’t want to disrupt the shape. 

Stand back and take another look at your wreath. Check for any remaining holes, fluff up your bulbs, and you’re done!

Watch the video: How to make a red tulip heart wreath

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