Mardi Gras Door Swag with Coach Laurie Anne

mardi gras inspired wreath swag design

Y’all are going to love this bright and festive Mardi Gras door swag from Coach Laurie Anne. It’s glittery, full, and nothing short of extra! Craft your own for a colorful greeting throughout the Mardi Gras season.  Deco mesh Mardi Gras door swag I am no stranger to “extra” designs – and this Mardi Gras…

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[WOTMC] Mardi Gras Jester Swag Wreath

Supply List 1 – VTD002 – 32″H Canadian Teardrop 1 – RY840173 – 10.5 x 10yd Mardi Gras Tinsel Mesh 4 – WF217 – 20” Gold Glitter Loop Berry Spray 5 – XY5336LA – Mardi Gras Ornament 4 – HG3135 – 28” Glitter Ball/Circle/Star Spray 1 – 15-312 – 18” Mardi Gras Jester Ornament (substitute)…

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[WOTMC] Mardi Gras Mask Deco Mesh Wreath

Supply List 1 – YW2024-LM GR – 24” Lime Pine Work Wreath Form 1 – RY840073 – 10” Tinsel Mesh – Mardi Gras 1 – Mardi Gras Mask 1 – HG3136 – 27” Glittered Leather Leaf Spray: Mardi Gras 1 – MZ1655H6 – Gold Leaf Fleur De Lis Pick 10” 1 – HG3173 – Glittered…

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DIY Mardi Gras Door Hanger {with Video}

Purple, Green, and Gold Mardi Gras Themed Teardrop Swag on Front Door

Make your neighbors jealous with this stunning DIY Mardi Gras door hanger! Making a teardrop swag is so easy, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it! As you decorate your house with those purple, green, and gold colors for Mardi Gras, don’t forget about your front door! This teardrop swag is so much…

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Mardi Gras Bows – Make a Pretty Multi-Ribbon Bow

Green, purple, and gold multi ribbon bow with glittery ribbons

If you have the post-Christmas blues, perk up your decor with some beautiful Mardi Gras bows! This colorful festive multi-ribbon bow is the perfect way to add some color and texture into any home decor project. Plus, making this couldn’t be simpler! I’ll walk you through it step by step. This post may contain affiliate…

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[WOTMC] Mardi Gras Wreath on Evergreen Base Training

  This file and these videos are protected by international copyright laws. As a Wreath Making of the Month Club Member you have a streaming access license to use this for your own personal usage, only. You MAY NOT share it, transcribe it, copy it, save it, store it or use it in any way…

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How to Make a Mardi Gras Lantern Swag Centerpiece

How to Make a Mardi Gras Lantern Swag by Julie Siomacco

Today in the wreath shop, I’m showing you how to make a fun and easy Mardi Gras Lantern Swag Centerpiece. Mardi Gras is late February but I know people like to start decorating as soon as Epiphany begins.  Do you decorate for Mardi Gras?  Here in South Carolina, we don’t do a lot of celebrating…

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Decorate Your Door For Mardi Gras shows you how to decorate your door for Mardi Gras.

How are you this Mardi Gras season? Do you have your decorations up? Are you ready to “Let the Good Times Roll”? I know a lot of my customers put up their Mardi Gras decorations as soon as they take down their Christmas decorations on Twelfth Night while some wait a little closer to Fat…

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