My Favorite Wreath Supply Subscription Box

Looking for a fun way to get wreath supplies? This wreath subscription box is full of them – and this is why it is my all-time favorite! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.¬†Click here to read my full disclosure policy. My Favorite Wreath Subscription Box For Supplies These days it seems like…

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How To Choose Elements For Wreath Making

Wreath making is a lot of fun, but there are dozens of decisions you need to make before you finish your piece. If you have ever wondered how to choose elements when you make wreaths, then this guide is for you! Finally, bust through the confusion and cart with confidence. With all the choices out…

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2021 Fall & Christmas Trends

Here are the upcoming 2021 Fall and Holiday trends from Dallas Market: Colors Corel is upcoming color for fall for brides Blue is hot Teal Emerald green Blush Plum Royals (rich emerald, ruby red, purple) Yellow gold Themes Candy Flocking on items Large poinsettias Large Magnolias Metallics in every color! Cardinals Animal prints to the…

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2020 Fall & Holiday Trends

Dripping Crystals We saw multiple showrooms with dripping crystals. They were both plastic and real but I thought it was stunning and gives a glamorous look! Color: Burgundy, Mauve, and Wine Color burgundy, mauve, and wine color!! This is one of my favorites! It was in flowers, pumpkins, filler, ribbon and signs!! Sweets Fake bakes…

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How to Not Overbuy Wreath Supplies

How Not To Overbuy Wreath Supplies - Julie Sciomacco

Hey guys! I’m back with another Tip Tuesday video for you! Today’s tip is going to be geared toward the new sellers out there. We’ll be talking about how to not overbuy wreath supplies and what I did when I first started my business to make sure I wasn’t spending too much and I could…

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Florist Wire Gauge Explained

assorted gauges of florist wires

For today’s Tip Tuesday video, we’re talking all about florist wire gauge! If you’re new to wreathmaking, it can definitely be overwhelming to decide what kind of wire you should be using. There are different types of wire for different situations and most of them also come in different gauges. So stick around and I’ll…

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