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How to Use an Electric Skillet Glue Pan for Wreath Making

By Julie Siomacco | June 16, 2020 |
"Using an electric skillet glue pan for wreath making" glue sticks melting in skillet

I shared this wreath making lifesaver on my Facebook page last week for Wreath-Making Tip Tuesday, and today I’m writing to let you know exactly why a glue gun wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. If you’re thinking about getting an electric skillet glue pan for your wreath making business, keep reading and I’ll cover…

How to Use a Steel Pick Machine for Wreath Making

By Julie Siomacco | October 5, 2017 |

A week doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a question about my Steelpix machine! A floral pick machine can be a huge help to you in your wreath making business or hobby. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Top 15 Wreath Making Tools Needed for Beginners

By Julie Siomacco | August 14, 2017 |

If you’re new to wreath making, it can get overwhelming to know what wreath making tools of the trade you need and don’t need.  Here are my top 15 most important tools to buy when you’re first starting to make wreaths.  These tools will make wreath making much more enjoyable. This post contains some affiliate links…

How to Clean Up Grapevine Wreaths for Wreath Making

By Julie Siomacco | July 1, 2020 |
brown grapevine wreath on white background

Did you know you’re supposed to clean the dead leaves out of your grapevine wreath bast before you start decorating it? If not, don’t feel bad. I’ve run across plenty of experienced wreath makers who’ve never heard of doing this before. But this is one of the quickest tips I can give you to seriously…

The Correct Way to Insert Flower Stems Into Grapevine Wreaths

By Julie Siomacco | July 2, 2020 |
"How to add silk flowers to grapevine wreaths" - brown wreath with pink silk flowers

Alright y’all, I’m back again with another quick Tip Tuesday video for you. This one’s geared toward the beginner wreath makers out there, but it’s one that hardly ever gets addressed in wreath making tutorials: the correct way to insert flower stems into your grapevine wreath. Learning how to do this correctly cut my wreath…

Florist Wire Gauge Explained

By Julie Siomacco | July 15, 2020 |
assorted gauges of florist wires

For today’s Tip Tuesday video, we’re talking all about florist wire gauge! If you’re new to wreathmaking, it can definitely be overwhelming to decide what kind of wire you should be using. There are different types of wire for different situations and most of them also come in different gauges. So stick around and I’ll…

How to Make Easy Inexpensive Wreath Filler with Ribbon Streamers

By Julie Siomacco | June 19, 2020 |
red white and blue ribbon streamers with steel picks

It’s time for another Craft Tip Tuesday video! Today I’m going to show you how to make a quick filler for when you’ve got a gap in your wreath that’s not quite big enough for more flowers or ornaments. It’s simple ribbon streamers! (And did I mention it’s the most inexpensive kind of filler?) This…

How To Make a Hanger on the Back of a Wreath

By Julie Siomacco | May 8, 2020 |

Today in the wreath shop, I’m answering one of the most common questions I get from new wreath makers: “How do I make a wreath hanger for my wreath?” Keep reading or watch the video below and I’ll teach you how to make a hanger for a grapevine wreath and how to make a hanger…

How to Make a Bow with Two Pieces of Ribbon

By Julie Siomacco | November 13, 2020 |
blue bow with two ribbons on a wreath

For many beginner wreath makers, making a bow is one of the hardest new skills to tackle. I’m sure part of it is because we over criticize our own work, but I think a big part is that there’s just so many ways to do it and so many variables to think about when you’re…

Quick Christmas Bow Hack For Your Seasonal Wreaths (Video)

By Julie Siomacco | December 9, 2020 |

Create a Christmas wreath bow in no time with this easy hack! Bows are so easy to make once you learn a few shortcuts. This hack will show you how to tie a ribbon that has a pattern. I’ll even share how to make a ribbon that keeps the direction of the pattern going the…