How to Make an Easter Egg Door Hanger

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In this live video, learn to make an Easter door basket with silk flowers, greenery and Easter eggs. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

I love this colorful Spring arrangement and I think you will too! This is a simple way to decorate for the season in your home and would be a beautiful hostess or housewarming gift.

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Moss Twig Egg Shaped Basket
Mixed Greenery Bush
Ranunculus Flower Bush
Blue Astilbe Bush
Easter Egg Spray
Decorative Bird
Rotary Cutter
Heavy Duty Stapler
Floral pins
Steel Pick Machine
Silicone mat
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun

How to Make an Easter Egg Door Hanger with Silk Flowers

Step 1 – Prep the Basket

Start by cutting Styrofoam to fit inside the basket. Then cover the Styrofoam in moss using floral pins. 

Add the Styrofoam to the basket. To make it extra secure, attach floral pins into the Styrofoam through the back of the basket.

Step 2 – Add Greenery

Trim stems of greenery from the bush. Take a moment to adjust the stems and spread them out. 

Insert the stems into the Styrofoam base after adding a bit of glue to the greenery stem.

Step 3 – Add Silk Flowers

Cut individual stems off the silk flowers and insert them into the Styrofoam base the same way you did the greenery. I started with the pink flowers. Add hot glue to the stems for more adhesion before inserting. 

I added the Easter Egg Sprays next. Continue adding silk flowers until your basket is full and you are happy with the result.

Note: If your silk florals are a bit bent, use a hair dryer on warm on them and move them back in shape.

Step 4 – Add Bird

Attach the decorative bird to the arrangement using wire and hot glue. 

Step 5 – Finish

Pin a bit of moss to the back of the arrangement covering the Styrofoam using floral pins. If there are other areas where the Styrofoam is showing, you can add more moss or hot glue leaves to it.

Video How to Make an Easter Egg Door Hanger with Silk Flowers

This is a great arrangement to customize for your décor. You can switch up the flowers and colors easily to make it yours.

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