[WOTMC] Monochromatic Year Round Oval Wreath

Supply List 1 – 24” Oval Grapevine Wreath 5 – 3612-W – White Florist Rose 28” 2 – FL5970-G – Forest Fern Spray 2 – PBF417 – Australian Fern 1 – FBL507-CR – 23” Italian Lilac Bush 1 – FBH197-WH – Heather/Wildflower Mix Bush 1 – F5-7223/CR – White Berry Bush 1 – F4691-GREE –…

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[WOTMC] Featured Year Round Ranunculus & Daisy Swag Wreath

The inspiration for this year round swag are the Ranunculus and Daisy flowers used in this design. Their bright colors are perfect for a year round look on your front door. The neutral color ribbons keep this design ready for all your non-holiday decor. Thanks to Trendy Tree for providing our members with a kit…

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[WOTMC] Quick Everyday Wreaths with Deco Mesh

Supply Lists Year Round Welcome Evergreen Wreath 1 – 482356 – 24” Evergreen wreath 1 – CDM1802 – Polypro Mesh – Black/White Check 2 – CS21009 – Ficus Spray 2 – FBR2777 – Dusty Cotton Spray 1 – CM2114 – 6”x12” Welcome Sign (substitute) 1 – TR15140-16 – 2.5″ Natural Ribbon 1 – 1.5″ Natural…

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DIY Silk Flower Cowboy Boot Wreath

silk flower cowboy grapevine wreath on white door

My silk flower cowboy boot wreath is the perfect mix of Southern charm with feminine elements. Learn how to make this floral display with light pink roses and airy accents! Silk flower cowboy boot wreath This year, Wreath Makers Live is celebrating its southern roots with a full-fledged Western-themed event! And today, I’m bringing that…

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[WOTMC] All Greenery Grapevine Wreath

green wreath with lace bow on white door

Supplies from Greenery Market 1 – 25260 – Dusty Miller Bush 2 – 63039SP28 – Moss Leaves & Fern Spray 2 – 63262SP28 – Berry Eucalyptus Filler 1 – 29462NAT – Gypso Spray Natural 1 – 47386-40-01 – 2.5” Burlap Lace Ribbon

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[WOTMC] Deco Mesh Mickey Wreath

disney mickey themed deco mesh wreath on white door

Disclaimer: You cannot legally make and sell any product with Disney lyrics, quotes, or characters on it without permission from The Walt Disney World Company. This wreath was not made to sell but to display for personal use.

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[WOTMC] Everyday Magnolia Deco Mesh Wreath

magnolia deco mesh wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 15” Tan Work Wreath Frame 1 – XB102510-01 – Window Pane 10” Tan/White Deco Mesh (Trendy Tree) 1 – CG719D – Magnolia Leaf Stem (Sims Pottery) 2 – 1220177 – Mini Leaves Bush (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1564707 – Magnolia Bush (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 2141776 – Gray Ammi Majus Bush…

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[WOTMC] Everyday Welcome Wreath

everyday welcome wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – YW2024-LM/GR – 24” Pine Work Wreath (Carolina Pottery) 2 – XB93210-15 – 10” x 10Y Burlap Mesh (Carolina Pottery) 1 – 1275379 – 10” x 10Y Cream Mesh (Hobby Lobby) 2 – PBF581-GR – 15” Leather Fern Bush (Carolina Pottery) 2 – 1220177 – Boxwood Bush (Hobby Lobby) 2 – CS12841…

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[WOTMC] Year Round Lantern Swag

year round lantern swag with white background

Supplies from Trendy Tree 1 – 85335SP18 – Cedar Pick 1 – 85335SP28 – Cedar Spray 1 – 56446BE – Foxtail Bush x 12 1 – 56807LTGN – Eucalyptus Bush x 9 1 – RGA187602 – 2.5″ Ticking Stripe Ribbon 1 – RGA1575C2 – 1.5″ Birch Bark Click here to purchase kit while supplies last.

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[WOTMC] Featured Welcome Home Deco Mesh Year Round Wreath

welcome home deco mesh wreath on white door

The inspiration for this wreath is the witty Welcome Home, Please Leave by 9 PM sign. This neutral, deco mesh wreath is perfect for every day front door decor and to use between the different holidays throughout the year. It also brings a little humor to greet visitors to your home. Thanks to Trendy Tree…

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[WOTMC] Everyday Grapevine Wreath

everyday grapevine wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 16” Grapevine Wreath (Hobby Lobby) 1 – X501440-24 – 2.5” Burlap/Tan Ribbon (Sims Pottery) 2 – 686957 – Magnolia Bloom Stem (Michael’s) 3 – 775056 – Ficus Leaf Stem (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1716-0268 – 32” Fern Stem (At Home) 1 – 54852-GN – Willow Branch Twig (Kelea’s)

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DIY Year-Round Elegant Wreath

Looking for an easy way to make a year-round elegant wreath? This easy DIY kit has everything you need! When you buy a wreath-making kit from Greenery Market, you can make a beautiful wreath with practically no effort. Plus, it looks fantastic any time of year. How To Make A DIY Year-Round Elegant Wreath There…

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[WOTMC] Featured Minimalist Magnolia Hoop Wreath

Thanks to Trendy Tree for providing our members with a kit at a discounted rate! If you choose to purchase the kit from Trendy Tree, use customer code 21223278 and receive a discount while supplies last. Your customer code is also your coupon code. To purchase the kit, head to TrendyTree.com and enter this code into…

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[WOTMC] Welcome to Our Home Deco Mesh Wreath

The inspiration for this wreath is the Welcome to Our Home sign. This sign is neutral in the colors of cream, gray and black. I wanted this wreath to be used year-round and thus didn’t add color on purpose.  The greenery on this wreath is blue-green, which is very trendy right now. This wreath works on…

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Succulent Arrangements For Gift-Giving

Create classic succulent arrangements and share them with people you love as thoughtful DIY gifts. They are so easy to make and will bring joy for years to come. How To Make DIY Succulent Arrangements Who doesn’t love a long-lasting and charming succulent? They are stunning and the perfect thing to give almost anyone –…

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DIY Year Round Front Door Wreaths On Evergreen Base

Learn how to easily make year round front door wreaths with an evergreen base. These tips will help you put one together in no time at all. How To Make Year Front Door Wreaths With An Evergreen Base I love working with evergreen bases! They are so user-friendly and lend themselves to so much creativity.…

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DIY Ivy Wreath Topiary

Ivy Wreath Topiary in a black container

Follow this step by step tutorial and make your own DIY ivy wreath topiary. It’s perfect for spring and summer home decor. Don’t you just love creating things that you can display all year long? This topiary has beauty in the simplicity. It can fit within any decor in any season or holiday (which makes…

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[WOTMC] Faux Log Arrangements

In this Facebook live replay, let’s make various arrangements using a faux log container. You can purchase these retail from General Wholesale. TIP: If your logs wobble, you can hot glue a ceramic tile to the bottom for weight and stability.   Prepare the Faux Log Containers Simple Spring Faux Log Arrangement Grouping Technique on…

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[WOTMC] Featured Mesh Silk Flower Pineapple Welcome Wreath

  The inspiration for this month’s project is the pineapple! Being from the south, the symbol of the pineapple means hospitality, which we southerners are famous for.  The pineapple is also a huge trend in home decor and even more so during the summer months.  While this wreath will work for display during the summer…

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[WOTMC] Featured Deco Mesh Everyday Wreath

  If you choose to purchase the kit from Trendy Tree, use customer code june2018 and receive a discount while supplies last. The customer code is entered on the HOME page at the very bottom, just click on the customer code link and enter june2018. Note this is not a discount code to be used…

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[WOTMC] Featured Country Daisy Rooster Wreath

  Supplies 18” grapevine wreath (Hobby Lobby #W0162607) 3 Flower Bushes, red, yellow and lime green (Hobby Lobby #477802) NOTE – If discontinued substitute with a 22” daisy bush. I used 24 stems so make sure your bush as that many stems or purchase multiple bushes. 1 Gerber Daisy Bush, red (Hobby Lobby #926840) 1…

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[WOTMC] Featured Southern Magnolia Wreath with Be Our Guest

Wreath Supplies Needed (qty 2) 448027 Magnolia Flower Bush (Hobby Lobby) (qty 1) 780338 Fern Bush (Hobby Lobby) (qty 1) 1385871 White Pom Pom Bush (Hobby Lobby) (qty 1) 1466168 Be Our Guest 10 x 8 in. Plaque (Hobby Lobby) (qty 1) 692152 18”Grapevine Wreath (Hobby Lobby) (qty 1) 769141 Ivy Bush (Hobby Lobby) (qty…

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