[WOTMC] Double Door Spring Grapevine Wreaths

Supply List 2 – 692152 – 18″ Grapevine Wreaths 5 – MTF24138 – 18.5″ Real Touch Dark Blue Hydrangea Stem 2 – MTF24090-Multi – 18in Summer Shasta Bush 2 – MTF21164 – 13″ Plastic Eucalyptus Bush x7 3 – 4835-C – 35″ Mini Cream Amaranthus 1 – 918946 – Green Saw Grass Bush 1 –…

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[WOTMC] Purple Spring Hydrangea Wreath

spring hydrangea wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 16” Grapevine Wreath (Carolina Pottery) 1 – 745059 – Purple “Fresh Picked” Hydrangea Stem (Hobby Lobby) 1-2 – QSS302-GR – 27” Smilax Spray (Carolina Pottery) 3 – 1084458 – Lavender “Real Touch & Feel” Carnations (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1571942 – Purple Lavender Spray (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 1212273 – Lilac…

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[WOTMC] Winter Deer Forest Grapevine Wreath

winter deer wreath on white door

Supplies from Trendy Tree 1 – MD0588 – 12″ Deer Sign 2 – 85311SP30 – Mistletoe Pine Mix 2 – 82323NAT – Snow Ice Twig 1 – 82276SNOW – Snow Cedar Spray 1 – 85042WT – White Eucalyptus 1 – RGA1234KL – 2.5″ Plaid Faux Duping Sage Green/White 1 – RGC159627 – 1.5″ Shimmer Glitter…

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[WOTMC] Rustic Winter Grapevine Wreath

rustic winter grapevine wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 692145 – 14” Grapevine Wreath (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 5729330 – “Where the Treetops Glisten” Wooden Sign 7” x 7” (Hobby Lobby) 1 – RG0165118 – 1.5” Swiss Dot Wired Ribbon (Sims Pottery) 1 – CS4709 – 16” Walnut/Twig Ball Pine Spray (Sims Pottery) 1 – CG719D – 24” Magnolia Leave…

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[WOTMC] Patterned Christmas Tree Wreath

Supplies from Greenery Market 1 – MD0745 – 12″ Merry Xmas Sign 1 – RG0180SMA – 1.5″ Striped Check Ribbon 1 – RGC175506 – 2.5″ Patterned Trees Ribbon 1 – 84959BU – Cedar Bush 2 – 85468SP28 – Cedar Pinecone Spray 1 – 83864WT – Snow Twig 2 – 84737SP28 – Buffalo Ball Berry Pine

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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Grapevine Wreath

Follow this tutorial and learn how to make a festive and fun St. Patrick’s Day wreath from a grapevine base. How To Make A DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreath With Grapevine Bring the luck of the Irish to your front door. This lovely rustic wreath has a sturdy grapevine base. It’s a cinch to assemble,…

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DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

Making this playful DIY Halloween witch wreath could not be any easier. Just follow this tutorial and you’ll be displaying or selling your own impish wreath in no time at all. How To Make A DIY Halloween Witch Wreath Do you enjoy decorating for Halloween? If you have a shop, selling Halloween wreaths can be…

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[WOTMC] Silk Flower Watermelon Wreath

Thank you to our friends at Greenery Market for bundling these supplies together for easy purchase. watermelon tin sign (choose gingham plaid or polkadot watermelon sign)   2.5” watermelon ribbon 1.5 green with dots White cosmos spray  pink babies breath roses hot pink greenery market new bush boxwood bush Supplies are limited. Click here to purchase…

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[WOTMC] Featured Happy Easter Silk Flower Grapevine Wreath

Thanks to Trendy Tree for providing our members with a kit at a discounted rate! If you choose to purchase the kit from Trendy Tree, use customer code 220213278 and receive a discount while supplies last. To purchase the kit, head to TrendyTree.com and enter this code into the search box: 220213278 Once you place the kit or any items…

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[WOTMC] Hello Spring Wreath on Grapevine

Supplies from Greenery Market: Hello Spring sign – AP8454 Annamone Pansy Spray – 62559sp26 1.5 Ribbon Floral Blue – RG0195314 Twig Flower Spray blue 22″ – 35070BBBL Mini Blossom Seed Bush 23.5″ – 4181-y Boxwood Green 18″ – 13540gn

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[WOTMC] Fall Mauve Grapevine Wreath

Supplies from Greenery Market Mixed Foliage and Pumpkins Seeding Nandina Spray Greenery Burgundy  Mini Cosmos Spray Burgundy Filler Flowers Dahlia Spray Dusty Mauve Ranunculus Cluster Spray Mauve Mini Leaf Greenery Bush Blush Pink Tip

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How to Not Overbuy Wreath Supplies

How Not To Overbuy Wreath Supplies - Julie Sciomacco

Hey guys! I’m back with another Tip Tuesday video for you! Today’s tip is going to be geared toward the new sellers out there. We’ll be talking about how to not overbuy wreath supplies and what I did when I first started my business to make sure I wasn’t spending too much and I could…

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Florist Wire Gauge Explained

assorted gauges of florist wires

For today’s Tip Tuesday video, we’re talking all about florist wire gauge! If you’re new to wreathmaking, it can definitely be overwhelming to decide what kind of wire you should be using. There are different types of wire for different situations and most of them also come in different gauges. So stick around and I’ll…

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The Correct Way to Insert Flower Stems Into Grapevine Wreaths

"How to add silk flowers to grapevine wreaths" - brown wreath with pink silk flowers

Alright y’all, I’m back again with another quick Tip Tuesday video for you. This one’s geared toward the beginner wreath makers out there, but it’s one that hardly ever gets addressed in wreath making tutorials: the correct way to insert flower stems into your grapevine wreath. Learning how to do this correctly cut my wreath…

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How to Clean Up Grapevine Wreaths for Wreath Making

brown grapevine wreath on white background

Did you know you’re supposed to clean the dead leaves out of your grapevine wreath bast before you start decorating it? If not, don’t feel bad. I’ve run across plenty of experienced wreath makers who’ve never heard of doing this before. But this is one of the quickest tips I can give you to seriously…

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