6 Gorgeous Projects to Make with Silk Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Discover my favorite projects using silk flowers for Mother’s Day, with small-scale bouquets, unique wreaths, and larger-than-life arrangements that mom will absolutely love! 

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Florals and Mother’s Day go together like tea and honey – they just make sense. 

There’s nothing quite like a big, beautiful bouquet to show the women in your life just how much you love and appreciate them. And when crafting with silk flowers, these loving floral arrangements will last for years to come. 

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite projects featuring silk flowers for Mother’s Day. Each arrangement is grand and feminine, no matter the size or design. 

So join me in creating beautiful arrangements featuring faux flowers for Mother’s Day. 

And if you’d like to learn more about the basics of wreath making, try out my Wreath Making 101 Workshop!

1. Spring tulips

This spring tulip arrangement has it all – bright pink tulips, textured green, and whimsical filler florals that make this design a true statement piece. 

This ultra-colorful arrangement would boost anyone’s mood and would make a joyous Mother’s Day gift. 

While this design may look a tad intimidating, it’s surprisingly easy to create with step-by-step instructions to help. 

Craft your own Spring Tulip Arrangements for Mother’s Day here.

spring tulip arrangement on white background

2. Faux poppies

If a sunset palette is more your mother’s vibe, I recommend making her this sweet poppy design, made with peach blooms, teeny white berries, and a variety of greenery. 

This design has an understated beauty that will look gorgeous from spring all the way through fall. 

Check out my DIY Faux Poppy Floral Arrangement For Mother’s Day here.

faux floral poppy arrangement using silk flowers for Mother's Day

3. Small-scale sunflowers

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Case in point – this small sunflower arrangement! 

This design is such a beautiful way to use silk flowers for Mother’s Day, gathering sunflowers, rattan ball picks, and fillers all into a coffee mug!

The warm color combination of bright yellow, auburn, and orange makes this arrangement feel grandiose – despite its small size. 

Learn How To Make a Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement in a Cup here.

How to Make a Mother's Day Flower Arrangement in a Cup

4. Picture frame wreath

If you like a project that is a little more unique, try a fun design like this picture frame wreath!

This design uses a pink photo frame instead of a wreath; the results look just like a window frame, with a window box bursting with spring florals!

Check out my Picture Frame Wreath Tutorial for Mother’s Day here. 

Picture Frame Wreath Tutorial for Mother's Day

5. Feminine floral wreath

Craft classic beauty with this monochromatic pink wreath. 

Designed specifically for Mother’s Day, this wreath is filled with feminine florals, including peonies, roses, and begonias. 

Discover How to Make a Beautiful Mother’s Day Wreath here.

How to Make a Beautiful Mother's Day Wreath

6. Rose mug centerpiece

I am a big fan of a pastel color palette – especially for spring!

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a sweet pastel centerpiece made with roses, forget-me-nots, ranunculus, and wax flowers. 

Make my DIY Rose Mug Centerpiece here. 

beautiful arrangement in blue and white coffee mug using silk flowers for mother's day

FAQs: Silk flowers for Mother’s Day

Here are some of the most common questions I get about faux floral design. If y’all have any more questions about designing with silk flowers, please leave them for me in the comments below. 

What’s the best place to buy silk flowers for Mother’s Day?

I buy my silk flowers and wreath-making supplies from all over the place!

Buying wholesale supplies is a good way to buy materials in bulk, especially for those extra-busy crafting seasons (aka, every day of my life!). 

I also really love the selection at Greenery Market. Their products are extremely high quality, making a huge difference in your arrangement. Their silk flowers look realistic and give your project a professional result. 

Are faux flowers tacky?

Heck no! Faux flowers for Mother’s Day are far from tacky. In my opinion, they’re even better than the fresh kind. 

While fresh flowers are beautiful, they require a lot of pruning, watering, and general upkeep to look their best. And even with all the care in the world, they usually only look good for a week. 

Faux floral arrangements look gorgeous for YEARS with the right upkeep. 

Moms will experience long-time enjoyment from these arrangements of silk flowers for Mother’s Day, serving as a constant reminder of their children’s love. 

How do I store silk flowers?

Storage is key! Here’s how to properly store your silk flowers:

Finished projects

For completed silk flower projects, proper storage is essential in preserving your gorgeous designs. Luckily, faux flowers require way less maintenance than fresh-cut flowers. 

When your silk flower arrangements aren’t in use, store them in clear, airtight containers labeled by season.

I also recommend keeping your silk flowers in a room with good circulation and out of direct sunlight. Exposure to natural light can cause the elements of your design to fade and break down over time. 

Silk flower materials

For loose silk flowers needed for future projects, storing them in their original packages is a good way to keep them safe and dust-free. Simply tuck them away in your craft storage. 

If you’ve already opened your silk flowers, store them in a clean cardboard box or plastic bin. Wrap delicate branches in tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent breakage. 

How do I make silk flowers for Mother’s Day look real?

The secret of a professional-looking faux floral arrangement is to make each element look as realistic as possible. 

Here are a few of my top tips for designing the most realistic silk flowers for Mother’s Day:

  1. Spring for high-quality – High-quality materials are always going to look more realistic than bargain brands. I’m not saying you can’t make gorgeous designs out of synthetic flowers, but silk flowers will give your design that extra edge.
  2. Touch every element – When you get silk flowers or greenery in the mail, they’re going to be packed up pretty tight. Before adding any element to your design, manipulate the stem, fluff the petals, and give it just a little bit of life. 
  3. Look to nature – If you want to create a realistic-looking design, use nature as your inspiration! Flowers don’t grow on a bush in a perfectly uniform shape or straight line. Design with nature in mind, adding elements in a way that mirrors the natural world. 

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