Black & White Winter Lantern Swag

Learn how to create this gorgeous black & white winter lantern swag made with glittery winter sprays, textured greenery, and tiny green berries.  Black & white winter lantern swag If you’re looking for a chic design to carry you through winter, this black & white lantern swag is just the thing.  Its frosty greenery and…

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Winter Wedding Wreath

Learn how to make this glamorous winter wedding wreath with luxurious silk ribbons, white silk flowers, and glittery champagne detailing.  Winter wedding wreath Today, I’m sharing how I made this stunning custom order – a winter wedding wreath! The design is full, feathery, and truly gorgeous, complete with gemstone ribbon and champagne accents. The color…

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Winter Welcome Wreath with Coach Laurie Anne

Learn how to make this gorgeous winter welcome wreath, complete with icy touches, flocked greenery, and just a touch of glitter.  Winter welcome wreath Create an icy greeting with this beautiful winter welcome grapevine wreath! I love this neutral, classic design because it is so well-balanced. From the slightly rustic sign to the tiny pops…

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[WOTMC] Winter Owl Wreath

Supply List 1 – 16” Grapevine Wreath 1 – MD1163 – 12” Warm Winter Wishes Sign 2 – XS575 – Snowy Bubble Cedar Spray 1 – XS2199E4 – Rose Gold Glitter Magnolia Spray 2 – XX8529 – Eucalyptus Leaf Dusty Pink Berry Spray 1 – EW0062J8 – Shiny Cream Berry Spray 1 – 25882 –…

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Snowy Peony Silk Flower Table Arrangement

This snowy Peony silk flower table arrangement exudes modern elegance with white faux flower accents, a dramatic silver base, and tons of textured greenery.  Snowy Peony silk flower table arrangement I’ve been on a bit of a faux flower arrangement kick lately because they’re just so easy to throw together! This snowy Peony silk flower…

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[WOTMC] Winter Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath

Supply List 1 – VW020 – 20” Canadian Pine Wreath 1 – 1559509 – Snowball 10” Deco Mesh (Tan/White) 2 – 5157110 – Pine Needle Spray 2 – CG719D – Magnolia Leaf Pick 2 – 713798 – Cream Floral Spray 1 – 706174 – Blue Berry Spray 1 – 12” Snowman Sign 1 – RW2428-TP/GY…

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[WOTMC] Winter Greenery Wreath

Supply List 2 – 26115 – Pine Spray with Snow 2 – XS642-GW – 22” Snowy Cedar Spray 1 – XB465/36-R – Red Wild Current Berry 2 – XP2291-G – 30” Greenery Spray 1 – 27355 – Cedar Spray 1 – 27391 – White Norfolk Pine Spray

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[WOTMC] Winter Snowman Wreath using Deco Mesh

Supply List 1 – RE1316E7 – Deco Poly Mesh 1 – CVW192 – 24” White Elevated Tinsel Pine Work Wreath 1 – HL9191338 – Soft Craft Snowman 1 – 1952-2168 – Flocked Holiday Pine Winter Bush 5 – CP2102 – Gray Flannel Ball Pick 3 – CP1899 – Flocked/Glittered Eucalyptus Pick 4 – HL9181252 –…

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Hanukkah Silk Flower Arrangement

Learn how to make a sparkling Hanukkah silk flower arrangement, complete with wintery blues, flocked greenery, and silver holiday baubles.  Hanukkah silk flower arrangement Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or just LOVE the blue winter look of this silk flower arrangement, this is a gorgeous piece to create. Made with the classic Hanukkah colors of blue…

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DIY Buffalo Plaid Deco Mesh Wreath

buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath on white door

For a design that will look perfectly seasonal, all winter long, try this buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath; it will add just the right touch of warmth and welcome to any front door.  Buffalo plaid deco mesh wreath Is your door feeling a little bit underdressed now that the Christmas season has ended?  Well, not…

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Burlap Winter Snowflake Wreath

full burlap and greenery wreath with snowflake center

This burlap winter snowflake wreath will take you well past Christmas time, looking perfectly seasonal all winter long; learn how to make this gorgeous glittering display! Burlap winter snowflake wreath Today, I’m sharing a winter special – a stunning snowflake wreath with burlap, eucalyptus, and wheatgrass accents. It’s made with beautiful dried hydrangeas, snowy pinecones,…

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[WOTMC] Winter Bike Wheel Wreath

winter bike wheel wreath on white door

Supplies from Greenery Market 1 – MD050702 – 16.5″ Black Bike Wheel 1 – RGE159427 – 1.5″ Look Diagonal Check Ribbon 2 – 85646WT – Wooden Bead Pick 1 – 85311SP30 – Mistletoe Pine Mix 1 – 85311SP18 – Mistletoe Pine Mix Click here to purchase kit while supplies last.

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[WOTMC] Winter Deer Forest Grapevine Wreath

winter deer wreath on white door

Supplies from Trendy Tree 1 – MD0588 – 12″ Deer Sign 2 – 85311SP30 – Mistletoe Pine Mix 2 – 82323NAT – Snow Ice Twig 1 – 82276SNOW – Snow Cedar Spray 1 – 85042WT – White Eucalyptus 1 – RGA1234KL – 2.5″ Plaid Faux Duping Sage Green/White 1 – RGC159627 – 1.5″ Shimmer Glitter…

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[WOTMC] Featured Winter Berry Swag

featured winter berry swag

The inspiration for this wreath is the snow-covered, red berries. The snow-covered, red berries are the perfect accent color to transition your Christmas decor to winter. And then adding an elegant and classy wired ribbon bow really elevates this design from rustic to opulent. Thanks to Trendy Tree for providing our members with a kit…

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[WOTMC] Rustic Winter Grapevine Wreath

rustic winter grapevine wreath on white door

Supply List 1 – 692145 – 14” Grapevine Wreath (Hobby Lobby) 1 – 5729330 – “Where the Treetops Glisten” Wooden Sign 7” x 7” (Hobby Lobby) 1 – RG0165118 – 1.5” Swiss Dot Wired Ribbon (Sims Pottery) 1 – CS4709 – 16” Walnut/Twig Ball Pine Spray (Sims Pottery) 1 – CG719D – 24” Magnolia Leave…

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[WOTMC] Featured Snowman Winter Swag

snowman winter swag wreath

The inspiration for this wreath is the Flakes & Drifters Welcome sign. This cute and whimsical snowman themed sign is perfect to transition your front door decor from Christmas to Winter. Thanks to Greenery Market for providing our members with a kit at a discounted rate! If you choose to purchase the kit from Greenery…

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[WOTMC] Blue Snowman Deco Mesh Winter Wreath

Thanks to Trendy Tree for providing our members with a kit at a discounted rate! If you choose to purchase the kit from Trendy Tree, use customer code 121620213278 and receive a discount while supplies last. Your customer code is also your coupon code. To purchase the kit, head to and enter this code into the search…

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[WOTMC] Winter Magnolia Table Centerpiece

Supplies are from Greenery Market 3 – magnolias 1 – hydrangea 1 – centerpiece swag 2 – Snowy bubble spray 2 – silver 100mm (smooth glitter balls or sequined silver balls) 1 – silver ball spray or 3 ball picks 1 – skinny black and white ribbon (either 5/8” or 7/8”) 1 – Snowy pine…

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How To Make A Silk Flower Snowman Wreath

Follow this easy tutorial to make a festive snowman wreath with colorful silk flowers and a whimsical winter sign. How To Make A Snowman Wreath With Silk Flowers They say that blue is a cool color on the color wheel, and I can see why. When I look at this wreath, I feel the biting…

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How to make a Winter Wreath for Your Front Door

Winter wreath with pine greenery

I don’t know about y’all, but after Christmas, when I take down all my decorations, everything just seems all bare and boring. So ever since I’ve been wreath making, I’ve started making a winter wreath to put on my front door in January, that’s just winter themed, not Christmas. That way I’ve got something pretty…

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DIY Winter Floral Arrangement (Video)

Use this DIY winter floral arrangement as a centerpiece in seasonal winter decor or add it to a winter wreath. The options are endless! This tutorial is really simple and you can use this arrangement for so many things. Plus, you can use the tricks you learned today on other floral arrangements too! How To…

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DIY Snowman Winter Wreath For Winter (Video)

If you want a wreath that can last all winter long – not just during Christmas – make this cute DIY snowman wreath! After the holidays are over, what do you put on your door during that time between the end of December and February? Consider making a cute winter-themed snowman wreath! This is a…

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[WOTMC] Featured Winter Wreath on Evergreen

The inspiration for this wreath is winter. So many times wreath makers ask me what to sell or hang on a door after Christmas and this is when I like to make winter wreaths. Winter wreaths are evergreen wreaths! Just like the evergreen found outdoors during the winter months, they stay green year round. Winter…

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How to Not Overbuy Wreath Supplies

How Not To Overbuy Wreath Supplies - Julie Sciomacco

Hey guys! I’m back with another Tip Tuesday video for you! Today’s tip is going to be geared toward the new sellers out there. We’ll be talking about how to not overbuy wreath supplies and what I did when I first started my business to make sure I wasn’t spending too much and I could…

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Decorating your Front Door for Winter

The holidays are over and it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations. So I’m out of my workshop today and on the front porch instead. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any helpful tips for you. The weather is pretty good here ( It’s a little windy as you can see and hear…

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How to Make a Rustic Winter Table Centerpiece

Can you believe we’re past Thanksgiving already?? Now there’s less than a month left until Christmas! Only 24 days to enjoy your Christmas decorations before the season is over. That’s so short – especially when it comes to beautiful decorations that you made yourself.  So today we are going to be making a Rustic Winter…

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DIY Lush Greenery Winter Wreath Idea

This lush greenery winter wreath idea is perfect for after Christmas, just when all of us are feeling like our houses suddenly feel bare! This wreath is super simple to make and includes pine cones, berries, jute covered & grapevine ornaments and lots of artificial greenery. Winter wreaths are a great addition while you’re waiting to…

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How To Make Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath

How to Make a Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath with Video

  It’s gone viral and everyone wants one…I’m talking about the deco mesh snowman wreath!! And why shouldn’t it??? It is adorable!  I tried to locate the original Pinterest poster but I had no luck, so if you know who the original picture belongs to, please let me know so that I can give them…

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[WOTMC] Featured Mixed Metallic Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

    BONUS Mailbox Swag / Bow Idea with Leftovers Purchase the kits from Trendy Tree, use customer code oct2018 and receive a discount while supplies last. The customer code is entered on the home page at the very bottom, just click on the customer code link and enter oct2018. Note this is not a discount…

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[WOTMC] Featured Frosty Winter Themed Wreath

Mechanics 18” Grapevine Wreath -painted white optional (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Carolina Pottery) Wire Cutters Awl Rustic Wire – 18 gauge or Sisal Rope (Sims, Hobby Lobby, Michaels) Pipe Cleaners (Hobby Lobby, Michaels) Florist Wire -22 gauge (Sims, Carolina Pottery, Hobby Lobby Michaels) Glue Gun Glue Sticks Scissors Floral Tape 4” Wood Floral Picks Zip Ties…

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Frosty Winter Lantern Swag Tutorial

DIY Frosty Winter Lantern Swag by Southern Charm Wreaths

Today I’m showing you a quick way to customize a lantern with a swag and some fun snowflakes on the glass for winter. Plus, everything can be removed after the season and changed for another holiday! This post contains some affiliate links for your crafting convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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DIY Christmas Potpourri Wreath

DIY Christmas Potpourri Wreath Tutorial by Southern Charm Wreaths

What is better than a beautiful Christmas wreath? A great smelling one! Today in the wreath shop I’m going to show you how to make my DIY Christmas Potpourri Wreath. This post contains some affiliate links for your crafting convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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[WOTMC] Featured Artistic Winter Wreath

How to make a winter door wreath for your door by Southern Charm Wreaths

In this  video, learn to make an artistic winter wreath.       This month, most of the supplies can be purchased from Hobby Lobby. Supplies (qty 1) #692145 – 14-inch Grapevine Wreath (HL) Note the size, needs to be smaller (qty 1) #5192745 – 6’ Crabapple Garland, found in xmas aisle (HL) (qty 2) #6545990…

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Step by Step Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Today in the wreath shop we’re getting ready for the holidays with a Step by Step Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Tutorial.  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you click a link and make a purchase, I could earn a few pennies in commission. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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How to Make an Easy New Year’s Door Wreath

How to Make an Easy New Year's Door Wreath

  Today in the wreath shop, I’m showing you how to make a super quick and easy New Year’s Door Wreath.  Ever wonder what to hang on your door for New Year’s? Well, this wreath will do just the trick.  Plus it’s generic enough that it will last you through the winter months as well.…

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